The media is referred to as the fourth branch of government for good reason. Thus the management of a portion of the mainstream media by a public body representing a cross section of society is fundamental to true democracy. Only the vastness of the public resource itself is able to counterbalance the power of the elite. Join True Democracy here. This archive provides crucial research material for voters. Developing sustainable environmental practices society-wide requires an objective, motivated media to provide everyday inspirational leadership. The Rule Of Law is recognized as a Canadian constitutional principle. It wasn't meant to be blind subordination to arbitrary dictate of administrators, judges or police. Instead itís meant as a standard of governance that learns, and duly evolves from observation, public input and the past record -- implying that entrustment of the observations and feedback of humanity, equipped with suitable tools,  could redirect history towards future excellence instead. The inevitable effect of course would nurture good neighbourliness and fair play, regardless of the often difficult path of life. For the only true solution to the historic curse of crime and human predation generally, is to engender an intrinsic concern for the well-being of others in the human soul. Once the public have proven their worth in this new electoral process, the infrastructure can be developed to its fullest potential. People want to participate in society, and this massive resource is crucial to counterbalance the existing runaway power structure, at every level. 

Canadian's lack of meaningful access to a justice system to resolve everyday disputes for example, risks the rise of vigilanteism and self-protection gangs.
Clearly today's punitive justice system is inherently problematic -- designed in ancient times before mass media, thus extremist in order to get the word out, to lay down the law -- and seems indifferent to proven exemplary leadership concepts made possible society-wide with today's TV infrastructure.
Thus, the public itself must provide an exemplary dispute resolution system (based on victim restitution not punitive retaliation) through randomly selected juries, who are largely self-governing according to a proven system of principles, checks and balances. 
Click this link for a means to achieve police reform, replaced by Search & Rescue type dispute resolution teams, meant to instill exemplary standards and common decency as a cultural norm.

Meaningful police and judicial reform are important applications that only public involvement can achieve. The importance of these issues shouldn't be underestimated in defining today's problems, nor in the public's capacity to solve it.