To: The Collective Human Conscience.

Reform Police.

By David Piney

Most people realize the policing system we’ve inherited is inappropriate for this day and age.

Police are the most visible representatives of society’s values by being conjoined with the justice system, and to be armed with guns and clubs and shoot-to-kill policies not only has a debasing effect generally, but sends a clear public message endorsing human coercion.

Yet the only real solution to crime is for a humanity wide realization that anyone who would hurt another human has something seriously wrong with their head -- and thus must be treated as such, with all the nurturing and healing care that society can manage. (If such compassion is not for the sake of the offender, than certainly it’s required for the benefit of the general public who witness society’s day-to-day operating standards, which inevitably trickle down into their lifestyle too.) For it’s only in engendering an intrinsic concern for the well-being of others that the curse of crime and human predation will ever be truly solved.

Thus we intend to develop crisis intervention teams for emergency dispatch as required, as both an alternative and a counterbalance to the existing policing system. They’d be based upon a Search & Rescue type operation, and firmly grounded in humanistic practices and ethics and not paramilitary. Thus a more exemplary and holistic leadership structure would develop, to further build upon, which would more effectively serve society in solving the underlying cause of crime and human predation. And because arrests would be more equitably resolved through victim restitution mediation and not punitive criminal action, crisis team members would be much more revered within the community, thus vastly improving their personal life quality over today’s police.

Since these dispute resolution teams would have a unique emergency telephone number —such as “912” for example— and if funded by police budgets, their increasing popularity over cops would force the policing system to shrink as public demand for the crisis teams expanded. And thus a formula for the long term evolution of social change would exist, which wouldn’t otherwise be inclined to occur.

Thus democratic choice, through comparative day-to-day practical results, would decide which system best fulfilled the needs of the community. After all, it seems problematic that the justice system's primary public interface is so blatantly militant. And even though the last resort SWAT team type backup would always exist, the potential for this more holistic system of social regulation promises a decline in the need for SWAT type services for future generations.

But this kind of social transformation will only commence through a grassroots effort. The world elite are quite content with the current rise of the New World Order police state -- but it’s clearly at the public’s expense. Now that world oil stocks are seen to be declining dramatically, we especially need a justice system that’s anchored in principle and in wholesome leadership obligations, and not simply self serving administrative raw expediency — an agenda that is not only reminiscent of the animal kingdom ethos, but is the very essence of the human predator in fact.

So I encourage your participation in this citizen initiative.

Together, founded upon principle, we can best assure true life quality for all.

Sincerely, David Piney., 416-760-5571