We're keeping a crucial watch on the mainstream media monopoly, and provide you with important information that's under-reported or avoided. Join us if you can. We need an entire infrastructure to facilitate the True Democracy vision – complete with electoral candidates, investigative journalists, riding organizers, committee study groups... and on and on the list goes. So, carve out a niche wherever it feels right, and make yourself at home. Explore the archive, containing tens of thousands of hours of political and historical research. The significant decline of oil production in most of the world basins these past decades, combined with the glaring absence of new discoveries, bodes ominous for humanity. Consumption downsizing has already begun worldwide. And there's evidence that the US led economic crash was engineered, in order to prevent world demand for oil from exceeding supply. And though natural gas production is on the rise -- from the risky process of “fracking” to release the last dregs of natural gas  –  world economic downsizing will continue regardless, and is expected to increase significantly into the future. The emergence of the internet  provides a valuable opportunity to establish a public media structure for unfettered investigative journalism and real-life inspirational exploration. Canada must act decisively to ensure this national right for an internet based public media, managed wholly by the public.

Of course honest exploration requires meaningful representation from a cross section of Canadians. Thus mothers, dads, children and seniors would all have their own portion of the  daily media programming to manage for example, along with academics, students, small business, labour, first nations & government, etc. The rest of the nation would participate as individuals according to their personal talents (with the unstructured internet, of course, remaining free).

But this core cross section, fully expressing the human condition, would be funded to produce daily media programming, openly exploring the pitfalls and full potentials that creation offers both the individual and the future of humanity.

Each (cross section) managing board would be elected by their region, as part of the national network, and held fully accountable by the contractual mandate system. And thus  we’ll finally begin to collectively wrestle with life head on: with  issues like the dawning energy crisis for example,  or the litany of ageless human problems that are also wholly solvable.

Humanity can adapt. The issue is whether it’s in the form of animal or angel. Thus collective conscience input is crucial.  The only true solution to the historic curse of crime and human predation generally, is to engender an intrinsic concern for the well-being of others in the human soul.

And thus our longstanding prayer remains, that future generations will continue in this evolutionary grasp toward human excellence, within the guiding sanctity of an inherently free and caring people.