Current News: link to important news articles  which are being under-reported or even avoided by mainstream  news groups.

Where we are today, and why.

After 3 bypass operations President Clinton was advised by the best doctors in America to become a vegan. Here's why.

The pivotal elements glimpsed in the dozen articles below, chart how the US power structure became the New World Order. And it's this power structure that largely allocates resources and strategic response to the end of the conventional oil era that humanity now faces. (Whose epoch changing significance shouldn't be underestimated.)

JFK is honoured by historians among the greatest presidents, because he stood alone in battle against the US military establishment to prevent nuclear war with the Soviet Union. This "MUST READ" insider glimpse of pivotal history, written by RFK's son Robert Kennedy Jr., fleshes out President Eisenhower's dire public warning about the "military industrial complex threat" in his famous farewell speech. The result of these events has profoundly shaped world events ever since.

JFK: The final chapter? Do we now finally know?

Who controls the US military? This "must read" article doesn't answer that important question in fact, but sure convinced me they're out of control.

US martial law?

Martial law Confirmed by General Franks.

The baby boomers first introduction to politics was JFK. This insightful article by Andrew Gavin Marshal is also a must read.

So too for this important insight on Reverend Martin Luther King.

The valient struggle of progressives gave Canada its Just Society in the 70's, and they had no illusions of what was required to keep it as you'll see here.

Carter tried to clean house too, and fired 800 of the CIA's worst offenders. But they rallied forces to get rid of Carter, and to elect one of their own: Reagan. Their legacy continues today as the New World Order.(see video #3 in this great refresher series).

Ex-agents have well documented that CIA is  the mother of all terrorist organizations . But this latest book from the highest-ranking CIA official to ever go public is the most authoritative.

Former chief of Los Angeles FBI says "the CIA makes the mafia look like a Sunday school class".

NATO's massive covert infrastructure is beyond democratic regulation, & is implicated in false flag terrorism & serious crime.

And finally, this scathing article on the commonplace of police brutality nowadays, was written by a US government insider, and former Wall Street Journal editor, often hearlded as co-author of Reaganomics: Paul Craig Roberts.

End of conventional oil era means massive downsizing worldwide.

Pivotal history.

The global elite: then and now.

Norman Dodd: a Congressional investigator's look at the elite's philanpthropic foundations agenda.

Bilderberg 2011: The Rockefeller World Order and the "High Priests of Globalization."

Carroll Quigley's "Tragedy & Hope". Excerpts from this famed insider's tome provides a general historical framework that numerous online authors wholly flesh out.

Council on Foreign Relations (day-to-day rulers of the world?) You'll see their hand throughout these articles as both author and facilitator.

The international elite's tentacles of  power.

An honest exploration of what's going on must consider all points of view. Today's controlled content media monopoly is a significant issue that's clearly being hidden for obvious reasons.

1973 OPEC oil embargo against the US was engineered by the elite says academic, to flood US with Arab oil investment revenues and ultimately achieve the 3rd world debt crisis of the 80's -- which largely usurped debtor nation sovereignty through IMF imposed Structural Adjustment Programs -- the New World Order covert method of (debt bondage) colonialism. A must read.

Bankers, and debt bondage... a brilliant insight of the elite's historical effect on humanity. (They provoked France's revolution for example, then supported the rise of Napoleon to quell the rebellion -- unaware of the rampage of conquering that would result.)
WW2 a consequence of the tyranny of the Treaty of Versailles.

The US execution of Ethel & Julius Rosenberg. Their reply to a final offer to spare their lives in return for a confession: "Justice is not some bauble to be sold to the highest bidder. If we are executed, it will be the murder of innocent people and the shame will be upon the government of the United States. History will record, whether we live or not, that we were the victims of the most monstrous frame-up in the history of the country."

Words of wisdom from political insiders.

Gold conspiracy props up US dollar.

US global empire created by economic hit men says insider,  military only a last resort.

US wars of aggression.

Revered academic reveals Zionism secrets?

Privatizing CIA black-ops.

Rare, Abraham Zapruder clip, of JFK recoiling from direction of "grassy knoll" shot, proves lie. (See Dealey plaza map.)

The most respected of all independent JFK assassination investigators names names.

The dawning of world-wide Big Brother omnipotence & the end of the "rule of law"?

The secret service and JFK.

JFK's autopsy photo  proves "lone  gunman" finding was  a lie.

US political assassinations.

Testing "the bomb" in Canada?
Depleted Uranium weapons and the eventual extinction of the human genome? Studies done on veterans whose wives had normal babies before the Gulf war, reported two-thirds of post-war births (of those studied) had severe birth defects.

Major nuclear spill in Canada: Chalk River (north of Ottawa) 1952, millions of liters of radioactive cooling water dumped into Ottawa River.

Canada major contributor to US nuclear weapons program? In fact, the Manhattan Project was a secret agreement between the US, UK and Canada, signed in Quebec city 1943.

Nuclear weapon testing history; hundreds of atmospheric  detonations.   (No wonder 1/3 of people get cancer nowadays.)

Nuclear weapon use against Japan was political, and unnecessary to end the war.

Soviet entry into war the real reason for Japan's capitulation.

Truman guilty of war crimes for nuking Japan say US historians.

UK bureaucrats  sold Israel the bomb without UK government knowledge.

The effect on Bikini people's lives because the US coveted their island paradise to test the nuclear bomb. (A must read.)

France's reckless test of nuclear bombs.

Islander compensation for bomb testing was admittedly inadequate. The US detonated the blast tonnage equivalent of 10,000 Hiroshima bombs in the atmosphere, 80% from the islands.

Health effects to troops experimentally placed in nuclear bomb test zones.

Canada's significant role in nuclear weapons development?

Human Rights vs Covert Intelligence.

Nixon's "Establishment" set out to overthrow the progressive forces.

Vietnam massacres were common say vets; 100's of Mi Lais  occurred.

New World (dis)Order?

Globalization explained by (Nobel Laureate) insider.

The opponents of Zionism perspective.

National Geographic: millennium issue -- celebrating "the" events of the century. Centerfold photo is the Roswell crash alien.

Today's world;

UK Cabinet Minister spells out Bush 911 complicity.

Photos of Pentagon directly after 911 prove it wasn't hit by  an airliner.

Former German Defense Minister's book  implies CIA complicity in 911.

Former German Defense Minister says US government staged 911 to justify war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Israeli firm Odigo warned hours before 911 to evacuate WTC.

911 inquiry panel critic replaced by intelligence insider.

World Trade Center building #7 purposely "pulled" (demolished) says lessee Silverstine on live TV on 911.

Fire Engineers' Magazine refutes WTC collapse due to plane crash or fire.

Bush stopped the investigation of Khan, the purveyor of WMD.

Henry Kissinger.

Reckless agenda of Bush's Texas backers.

Citibank, JP Morgan & Enron, elite birds of a feather?

The CFR grand plan of Us Imperialism decided the fall of Iraq.

The folly of US plans for militarizing space.

Space war in 20 yrs says Pentagon.

US Bio-weapon research revives the especially lethal Spanish Flu virus from extinction.

George Soros an establishment insider?

Bechtel's insiders & the Iraq war.

NATO guile and aggression in subduing the stubbornly socialist people of Yugoslavia?

Canada Pension plan funds war industry, including manufacture of landmines.

BUSH warmongers fear of International Criminal Court?

Israelis are even plotting to kill their president, Sharon; as raw expediency "hard ball" increasingly dominates their land.

Ethnic cleansing of Palestine is now the official policy of Israel.

Harvard paper says the powerful Israel lobby, AIPAC, controls the US Senate, not for US interests but for Israel's.

Zionism decried by Jews too.

Conflicting sects of Judaism.

Israeli leaders admit their disgraceful immoral practices all along.

Russia's traumatic market transition  facilitated by Jewish elite.

Prominent Israeli says Zionism has failed its moral obligations.

Jewish Voice For Peace decry Zionist tactic

Perpetual genocide from depleted uranium ammo residue?

Tragedy of victims unknowingly exposed to DU poisoning.

UK soldiers kicked hooded & shackled prisoners to death.

The petro-dollar basis of US world hegemony.

The petro-dollar  factor in the war against Iraq?

US resistance to International Court.

RCMP brutality in Vancouver "cleanup": fifty injured, two dead... media silent!

RCMP Quebec summit  brutality

Premier of BC felled in coup. RCMP out of control?

Shocking history of RCMP lawlessness.

RCMP SS disbanded in disgrace for general "breakdown of the rule of law". But despicable raw expediency remains.

RCMP handling of Air India bombing demands public inquiry.

Canada's draconian Anti-terrorism Act.

RCMP SS reinstated under multi-acronyms.

Cop who shot Dudley George was killed  within weeks before he was to testify, & is 3rd cop involved in the (revenge) shooting to die before presenting evidence to a public inquiry.

UK cops protest their culpability for shooting civilians to death.

Rockefeller (the ruling elite) links to Canadians.

Privacy Commissioner warns Canadians about  loss of freedom.

Radwanski coup: public inquiry required!

Rachel Corrie, 23 yr old anti-war idealist, volunteered as a  human shield   & was killed.

David Kelly assassinated?

Six physicians say David Kelly's death definitely not suicide.

Senator Wellstone assassinated?

America's list of politically convenient airplane crashes.

Stalin poisoned to stop war, intern Jews?

Dawning world oil depletion.

N. America's looming natural gas crisis.

BBC reports world oil crisis.

Today's internet list moderators are primarily Big Brother censors.. 
RCMP coup now playing out against Martin Liberals, as it did against the Glen Clark government?

Russia's "Pravda" severely chastises US.

China complains about US domestic Human Rights abuse.

Author of FTA shocked at amendments being proposed.

Paul Martin plans continental integration.

Transformation of the PC Party.

Canada's shift to the right.

Canada's distribution of wealth.

US "code Red" means cancellation of  constitution & marshal law.

Mother of all wars: Britain will become  Siberian winter zone by2020  says Pentagon.

Libya innocent of Lockerbie?

The US destabilization of Haiti.

Grotesque injustices being perpetrated by US executions.

Medical mistakes are a major cause of death in the US? (>100,000 yearly)

Damage from mercury-laced vaccines are the worst welfare disaster in history.

Our sun will literally become a huge diamond when it finally expires.

UN condemns Israel's wall: It grabs the best Palestinian land, and their crucial aquifers.

Powerful arguments dispute Nazi extermination camps... what is true?

Reagan  shot by Scot Hinckley; his brother was to dine with Neil Bush that night.

Whistleblower testifies Bush was warned about plane attacks months before 911.

An insider look at the gallant bureaucratic opposition to Bush tactics, and the resulting lost careers willingly sacrificed.

Bush covered up one of the worst environmental disasters in history.

New World Order justice: CIA arrest suspects & rendition them to countries where they simply "disappear".

US veterans speak out against Bush agenda.

Everyday corruption in the Bush administration.

Enron, City Group, Morgan Chase; corruption at the pinnacle the of US elite.

Glimpse of rampant corruption by US opportunists supplying the military in Iraq.

With 5% of world's population the US has 25% of its prisoners.

Former LAPA nark publicly accuses US Vice President Cheney of engineering 911.

Pat Robert's warning of  al Qaeda website proves his incompetence or complicity.

Islam innocent of 911? (FBI admits no evidence)

US plans lifetime detention camps for those arbitrarily designated "enemy combatants".

Prosecutors say military commissions to try detainees are rigged.

Bush won by electoral fraud frets Kerry's wife (the prestigious Heinz heiress).

West's education system was designed to keep the public under-educated and subservient: openly admitted by the men who created the system.

UK child rearing of problem kids doubled since Reagan's fear mongering crusade.

Punitive parenting tactics cause aggression in kids, & underachievement too says study.

Opportunistic big Pharma and US psychiatrists continue to drug healthy children in a make-work project.

Respected medical journal accuses drug industry of "disease mongering" --needlessly convincing people they need medical treatment.

Convincing facts about US gun ownership.

Project "Able Danger" is more proof the 911 Commission was simply a whitewash.

Canada's military integration with the US (including police & intelligence services) is a fait accompli as the BPG mandate ends.

Reaganomics designed to reduce consumption & value stocks over oil to keep its price low while in decline.   (A must read)

CIA setup Libyan for Lockerbie conviction.

 Massive transfer of power from middle class to the military as end of the oil era nears?

Radio Frequency weapons now in Iraq.

Imperialism, 911, rise of fascism, oil depletion... An incisive look at today's (little known) state of affairs by a reporter/cop.

More excerpts from Michael Ruppert's  book "Crossing the Rubicon". A must read!

 New NORAD agreement suggests complete integration of Canada into the operating systems of the US.

Pravda (former official voice of USSR) says US staged 911. Iran will be nuked by US as  master plan to control mid-East oil.

Bush caught establishing media programming guidelines in support of his agenda (controlling the media).

FBI lists American Pacifist groups among terrorists: Indymedia group & Food Not Bombs (foodbank) are recent additions.

Ex-operatives consider the CIA the Mother of all TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS: John Stockwell is the highest-ranking CIA official to ever go public. (a must read.)

John Perkins (ex economic hit man for the NSA) goes public: "The US Have Created the World's First Truly Global Criminal Empire" he says, through assassinations and bribery.

US laundering of a trillion dollars annually of dirty money worldwide has bankers' complete support.

Canadian Action Party policy on Canadian military action in Afghanistan.

Former justice Sandra Day O'Conner called on lawyers to help defend the judiciary against increasing right wing strong-arm tactics to control the US courts.

Award-winning journalists were fired or laid off to silence protest as the mainstream media content became controlled by elite.

Dawning technologies offer surreptitious microwave weapons to law enforcement against dissent in Canada.

The cop who shot Dudley George was killed by a transport truck within weeks before he was to testify, and is the third OPP officer involved in the shooting to die before presenting evidence to a public inquiry.

At the same time the New Westminster police were asked to review the RCMP shooting of Ian Bush, a 22 yr old fatally shot in the back of the head while in custody, the RCMP were investigating the fatal shooting of 16-year-old Kyle Tait by New Westminster police. Dozens of people have died in police custody in BC alone in the past few years..

Canada's former  ambassador to Yugoslavia says the the charges against Milosevic  were a fantasy & the tribunal judging him was really a political court designed to get NATO exonerated for their bloodshed in the region. Dirk Ryneveld was a prosecutor against Milosevic, and is now the BC Police Complaints Commissioner.

Former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan dismissed after proposing UK terrorism allegations were fraudulent. He says Muslims are being systematically tortured into signing false confessions. 

 Former Shell Oil geologist, now professor emeritus at Princeton,  says the looming economic crash from oil decline, in its mildest form, could begin with a global recession worse than the Great Depression, then  spiral into war, famine, pestilence and unprecedented death.

For the 6th time in the past 7 years humanity will grow less food than it eats. World food stocks have shrunk by half since 1999. In effect, the world's poor will begin to starve as their grain ration goes towards bio fuels and for feeding livestock for the luxury meat market.

Little known Afghan History.

Canada's deceptive warmongering complicity.

NATO's massive covert infrastructure is beyond democratic regulation, & is implicated in false flag terrorism & serious crime.

Video of everyday life in Gaza under occupation, including mention of Rachel Corrie's valiant struggle to protect civilians from lawless, naked, military  aggression.

In the vast majority of the 50 indicators used to measure social progress, high-tax Nordic countries proved superior to the low tax US model. Only in 7 indicators did the US model score marginally better, but were insignificant in the overall effect.

VIDEO: 'Swine flu virus began life in lab'.

Current News: link to important news articles  which are being under-reported or even avoided by mainstream  news groups.

I regret that so many insightful and so far irreplaceable articles have mysteriously gone missing from this website, with no trace left, except in my memory, of their existence. (ie. profound medical studies on Depleted Uranium Ammo poisoning of Iraq for example, which equates to perpetual destruction in fact, of the Iraqi genome in the region from the residue... Since I've exceeded my webspace allowance (years ago) I've been unable to store valuable articles on site and have been forced to simply display their home url's. Not only do hackers redirect those links to dummy sites on occasion, but the information that's been lost generally has been significant. For example, the CBC removed a couple of articles stating that all three OPP cops responsible for the Dudley George (revenge) killing died in separate accidents before they could testify in a public inquiry...

How will the system ever be fixed with such a massive effort to cover it up?

I've spent tens of thousands of hours in political research this past decade, and found the insights I've gleaned aren't that well-known generally. So I've constructed this basic summary...

by David Piney

As humankind stands upon the threshold of the third millennium the dawning potential for amazing life quality has never been more apparent. This generation is glimpsing evolving technologies that can coax the bounty of the earth literally beyond belief.
  • Most significant is the control that scientists have achieved in halting the human ageing process on a cellular level. A real-life application looks promising in the coming decades.
  • And now there's evidence of compounds such as reversine, which can return tissue back to its undifferentiated stem cell state, and thus possibly regrow damaged tissue or even entire organs within the patient. Or ultimately perhaps a severed body part could be wholly regrown, as some amphibians are able, by simply applying reversine substances to tissue at the injury site.
In short, the ancient prophecy of humanity’s potential destiny to inherit the Promised Land of plenty, with unprecedented healthful longevity, seems more possible than ever.

Ironically, the greatest threat to life quality nowadays is mostly from the human predator. Not only from the war, crime, and exploitation that humanity suffers under this scourge, but from the vast undercurrents of intimidation, social repercussions, and daily tyrannies that inevitably touch everyone’s lives.

Sadly, remnants of self-interest primacy that's inherent in the animal kingdom still reign the hearts and culture of many people today. Thus miring humanity's future promise with a baseness lingering from primeval and problematic roots.

And it's no wonder. Even though this culture is largely inherited as a hand-me-down from a primitive past it's unquestioningly accepted today as the norm --causal factors and all-- in direct defiance of psychologists' consensus view for solution. Glaring contradictions are obvious, such as a festering justice system where the only inspirational or educational public outreach is after-the-fact enforcement, and the most visible representatives of society's hallowed rule-of-law are unabashedly coercive and armed with guns and clubs and shoot-to-kill policies. Thus the militant ethos will inevitably be entrenched in the social fabric, as a cultural norm.

But it's not that mysterious. After all, the Romans threw Christians to the lions for three centuries in order to prevent the rise of a culture committed to Christ's benevolence. Imperial Rome needed a sufficiently militant people to recruit its armies from, and to tolerate its predatory excesses. And thus all stops were pulled to prevent the teachings of Jesus from being adopted by their populous. And the trend subtly continues today!

The pulpit of Constantine chose to harness the power of Christianity for their own ends instead of fighting it. And called for the Council of Nicaea to define Christian orthodoxy so that it could be enforced on the public. Pauline interpretation of "the way of Jesus" has largely been adopted, and thus Christ's singular primary emphasis, from "do the works" (extolling the cause and effect sculpting results of moral expression on human development) was rewritten to become the Pauline interpretation based solely on faith, resurrection and the wholesale forgiveness of sins (regardless of any real-life repentance). This proved a tailor-made formula for an imperialist culture because their warriors fought evermore fearlessly believing in resurrection, while being purposely unbound from basic Christian morals.

But it's contrary to Jesus intent in my understanding, whose endeavour was to exemplify a life without sin in order to show others the developmental effects inherent in life (the moral dimension of creation), which is profound. And that's why "do the works" was his primary message. They say that Jesus glowed in fact, and at times radiated an aura. And you can see for yourself if it's true, in your own development, as you endeavour to re-polarize life's transformational bio-energies that selfish temptation evoke in every human (lust, vengeance, arrogance...) into the opposite soulful expressions (adoration, compassion, humility...) that are selfless instead. When you can wholly control these bio-energies and thereby prevent selfishness (animalism), the transformation will become clearly evident, mind, body and soul: as Jesus exemplified. Thus proving that individuals have unlimited potential in life according to their own exercise of discipline in rising above the solely self-serving ethos of the Animal Kingdom: the roots of the human species.

But if 'the way of Jesus' was adopted by society generally, such disciplined morality is clearly at odds with with the elite's political power structure, and its often ruthless harvesting of humanity. Thus you don't have to look far to see the subtle cultural engineering today that prevents the growth of an intrinsically benevolent people, which inevitably would mean the end of the plutocracy and their subtly crafted culture of imperialism.

In fact, the more you review society's administrative culture the worse it looks. Especially in understanding current events from the perspective of a political insider, where behind-the-scenes strategies often play out more like the Mafioso than representatives of humanity.

No wonder the continued propagation of the human predator remains the most serious problem today.

Even though the only true solution to the curse of human predation --that humanity will ever have-- is to engender an intrinsic concern for the well-being of others in the human soul, the exact opposite is subtly sown by the mainstream media.

It's clear to me that the leadership provided by the elite's North American media monopoly is a contradiction to the evolution of a benevolent and united humanity, and is an alarming subject well worth your effort to look into.

In fact, the heightened consolidation of the mainstream media was integral to the rise of the neo-conservative agenda led by Reagan and Thatcher in the 80's. And even the staunch conservative Peter Worthington, founding editor of the Toronto Sun, bitterly complained about the unprecedented editorial control demanded by the neo-con media barons. It's the kind of control that's most worrying to democracy in fact, heralding today's void of meaningful investigative journalism in mainstream news reporting. And the US media is the same, where seven ideologically aligned directors personally control almost the entire media content with such unprecedented concert that it's simply become a rubber stamp for corporate self-interest propaganda and for Hollywood's war-mongering social engineers.

On many levels the exact opposite of the exemplary leadership role required to eliminate human predation is pursued by administration itself under today's New World Order agenda. It's obvious for example in the police promotion of irrational fear-of-strangers protectionism, through TV campaigns such as Child Find, and the grotesquely distorted public perception of crime that the media cultivates. (Which the Law Commission of Canada has just confirmed in its "2006, State of Policing Report" where it says that policing has become a commodity for sale in the marketplace, and "public insecurity is purposely fed in order to expand market share...")

But the family of humanity is being sabotaged by this alienating fear mongering, and especially kids who should be taught an intrinsic concern for others and not homophobia --which inevitably can turn into general contempt for people, the precursor of a predator mindset.

Dogs are far more dangerous to kids than strangers, and yet kids nowadays are openly encouraged to extend more trust and affection to dogs than to their fellow man. And most tragic of all, psychologists have long known that it's not the dads that are wholly and equally involved in child rearing (from diaper changing to cuddling) that are ever a problem to kids, but it's the guys that become mutated from being pushed away or exempted from naturally expressing these nurturing instincts. Yet society's leadership response nowadays only further exacerbates alienation and mistrust of one another, as contrary as it is to known psychology precepts --more than likely to appease an ulterior agenda of imperialist design.

After all, crimes against children, and especially by strangers, are by far the rarest of all crimes, and are so low in fact they're equated as hundreds of times less risk to kids than being struck by lightning. The incidence of conjoined twins in fact --considered a rare event indeed-- is over 25 times more prevalent per child capita in Canada than abduction by a person considered dangerous to the child (AMBER alert). Thus this issue alone reveals a massive public subversion, especially considering the depth of fear mongering horror the public have suffered on the subject these past decades, which is much more than just a tragic public misconception because it's purposely been fed by those who knew better.

Such divide and conquer "strategy of tension" tactics are a well-practiced covert manoeuvre of control, used to undermine trust in society in order to weaken and subdue its peoples, especially in times of war. These are crucial subjects that you'd be well advised to understand).

Elements of social engineering in Canada today still reflect those longstanding tactical strategies.

Thus it's sad to me that today's mothers have unquestioningly embraced these crumbs, bestowed from overlord social engineers, with the pittance of power consolidation that it provides her (not realizing it seems, that it's these overlords' structural handiwork in fact that's made the mother of humanity a beggar in her own house). Yet these "divide and conquer" strategies are the primary moral leadership that's promoted by today's ruling elite.

The essence of the solution of course is in engendering intrinsic societal principles, and thus ensuring inspirational moral leadership generally. But it's the vast resources of the moneyed that determine who's elected to office, and thus who craft the everyday standards of society. When the elite provide promotional media coverage or pay for a candidate's election campaign for example, they expect to have a say in the elected government. It's not that there aren't any worthy candidates for election, but the ones who rightly stand against the systemic wrongs get too little funding, and thereby suffer reduced --or no-- media coverage. Chretien's political party funding program allowed smaller parties that are unbeholden to the elite to be heard during elections, thereby weakening elite control. But naturally Harper cancelled the program. Harper has been long-known as the poster boy for the neo-con movement in Canada in fact, and his power is delivered by superior (limitless) funding. The taxpayer ends up paying though, because of concessions that the Harper government inevitably provides the elite.

With hand-me-down cultural mechanisms like these shaping today's society no wonder mindless opportunism is so prevalent.

The public must pull together to identify and correct these glaring flaws. A glimpse of life's countless examples helps gain perspective. The mighty wildebeest for example, is preyed upon by the relatively puny hyena. When hyenas are caught stalking the herd the mighty wildebeest scatter in all directions, thinking only of self-interest and personal escape. Thus the weak and young are easily picked-off for hyena lunch. But if the wildebeest stood together shoulder-to-shoulder to protect each other, no creature would dare attack. So too for humanity.

The elite must take great pride in their success at subduing humanity, especially with such a simple tactic as turning humanity against itself. It's a very complex task to achieve and to sustain of course, and is exercised through many social structures and hierarchies. But a simple divide and conquer blueprint is their well proven and well practiced game plan.

Jesus clearly taught that vengeance belonged to God and not to Man for an example. Not only does this devastating bio-energy have a distinct transformational effect on those who try to wield its power (or who permit it to fester in their hearts) but it's a significant destructive element of society too. As a playground supervisor for a local public school I seen violence almost daily on the playground. And in the vast majority of cases it was kids wielding punishment upon each other. And when asked why they were being violent they indignantly made no bones about it: it was because the other kid deserved it, they'd tattled, or called names, or were defiant, or some other subtle slander of whimsical rules of culture that these kids had been raised to accept (and who'd personally suffered the wrath of punitive violence as well, as a means of being sculpted into the clan). And yet as clear as the consequences have been to my entire generation, the cutural nobleness of inflicting punative violence upon those that deserved it is still a defended and practiced reality in North America. One of the most powerful messages the media has ever developed in fact, is the glory of force-of-arms bringing "justice" to the world, and in dishing out retribution to the bad guys. Of course it's solely the elite prerogative to define who the bad guys are, the full details of which are rarely known by the public. But to me, it often seems more like a culture of junkyard dogs, that are simply being trained to attack on command. The known totality of lies that Canada, the US, and England have used to formulate wartime propaganda certainly validates the premise.

But I do know one thing for sure, as a result of the dominance of these cultural roots we now stand toe-to-toe against Gorbachev's Russia. And this time Russia has done no wrong to the world, despite the elites' insane conniving and cruel warmongering provocations. There's no doubt in my mind that humanity (or at least North America) now faces Armageddon.

Clearly, elitist self-interest and their geopolitical strategies weigh most heavily in perpetuating today's economic system too, and not necessarily the well-being of people. The billions of tons of reusable goods and materials from our generation alone that have been buried in landfill or ground up for the smelters instead of being offered as hand-me-downs to the world's desperately poor is a prime example. Yet the travesty remains largely untold. The two billion poorest people on earth, that live on less than a dollar a day, could have been freed of destitute poverty by now with over a ton and a half of these reusable materials each (certainly a resource far more valuable than the largely grass, twigs and dirt they have to work with now). And in fact, no greater wealth has ever been made available to the third world than the hand-me-downs of the West, which have simply been discarded in landfills or ground into basic ore for the smelters instead.

Of course, citizens of imperialist nations have fared better than the majority of humanity. But it's hard to ignore the tactical aspect because of the elite's need for a reliable domestic supply of troops and infrastructure, in order to impose tinpot dictatorships upon third-world possessions to keep strategic commodities flowing cheaply. Yet the public in the West needlessly suffer under this system too.

The dog-eat-dog, boom-bust nature of American capitalism may be eloquently defended by today's media, but it's clearly more of a problem nowadays than a solution, and the reality is kept well hidden from the general public.

The success of the elite's power structure is certainly revealed in the "sacred" autonomy of today's central banking structures for example, such as the US Federal Reserve system, comprised of profit making corporations whose founders and promoters comprise the world's wealthiest families. After all, the CIA was basically their construct, which grew to replace these financiers' personal intelligence services, and who continue engineering the ruthless exploitation of vulnerable nations worldwide, while their elite masters personally collect on the perpetual national debts and resulting servitude of entire peoples.

But such mindless self-interest is at the expense of humanity, and stunts the capacity to harvest the full potential of mankind. Obviously when governments --because of captive markets and resulting crippling debts-- can't afford to provide the basics for a healthy, knowledgeable people, or thus to fully harvest their burgeoning ingenuity, we are all deprived of our greatest resource.

All the while, these world financiers engineer the massive contractions and liquidations that are regularly prescribed in the West to maintain their brand of "hardened money" monetarism. The devastating cost to millions of North Americans who've been bankrupt in the process is incalculable. The 1980's loss of hundreds of thousands of homes and family farms, many held for generations, is a prime example, as the money supply was ruthlessly contracted in order to "harden" its value for the explicit benefit of the elite.

And you must admit, the spectre of homelessness that's once again wielded in Canada certainly is the hallmark of capitalist free market expediency. There's nothing like engineering a few hundred thousand unemployed and homeless souls yearly to inspire workers generally to buckle down and accept their yoke. And the primary author is government economic policy that explicitly prevents full employment because it's deemed inflationary (which should be criminal when welfare protection is inadequate or is coercively wielded against the disadvantaged --who are disproportionately passed over for employment and tragically suffer homelessness as a direct result).

And the natural evolution to a more equitable economic model is vigorously opposed by status quo at every turn, while the public is strictly kept in the dark of the reality or the potentials that exist. Even Chretien, as Prime Minister of Canada, was unable to achieve his beloved goal of providing guaranteed income for Canadians over the objections of the elite.

Economists have long known that as production increasingly automates, the state must increasingly own the machinery of production, in order to keep it running at full capacity. Else the loss of worker jobs, wages and thus consumer purchasing power through automation, would bring a capitalist system to a halt. Therefore a fully automated society can only function under a system of benevolent ownership, where guaranteed public income assures consumer demand. Otherwise, layoffs, recessions and homelessness become evermore endemic, while industry idles along at only a fraction of its capacity from a lack of consumer purchasing power.

But instead of embracing the evolution to full automation and guaranteed public income, the elite have waged a ruthless war against it, because it also means an eventual decline of their own power structure of personal privilege and wealth, as the expanding role of a benevolent state increasingly makes theirs redundant.

Fortunately these traumatic social consequences have been minimized in Canada because of the universal emergency welfare program of Trudeau's Just Society. Though it costs a mere 2% of the GDP, it provides comprehensive protection of life quality to all Canadians. (By rightly defending the vulnerable generally, the blow-back to society that's inevitable from provoking a desperate struggle for survival is avoided.) If an employer, or spouse, or parent becomes too abusive for example, Canadians can simply -- and peaceably -- move on, because their daily bread and necessities are rightfully assured. The horrors that young and old alike have suffered historically during trying times have often resulted in life changing crimes of desperation, such as prostitution and other mindless acts of despair, that are too easily resolved through simple welfare assistance to ever let happen again. Though it's only a basic subsistence provision, it's the most comprehensive of inequity busters, and thus the wisest of investments (in a world that must fully realize, the only real solution to today's social problems is an intrinsic public understanding of life's cause-and-effect moral dimension that profoundly shapes human development: mind, body and soul. And thus the measure of day-to-day research, understanding, and inspirational guidance that a just and exemplary society must provide).

The Harper government on the other hand has implemented unprecedented controls against public insight in fact, and simply won't allow government scientists to freely communicate to the public through the media. There's no doubt in my mind that his primary concern is to keep New World Order shenanigans secret. No wonder the Doomsday clock was recently advanced to 3minutes to midnight (Armageddon) on Harper's watch. His blind acquiescence to global gangsterism has left Russia standing alone against the ruthless lawlessness of today's imperialism.

I'm sure parents get a sense of humanity's plight. Most parents try to do their part to make it a better world as well. They struggle with mere words for example, to try to convince their kids of the adverse developmental effects of particular attitudes and behaviours, which are clearly observable and profound. But parents' mere words are often at odds with higher powers, such as Hollywood social engineering blockbusters, often glorifying militancy, or the desirability of personal opulence and pursuit of pleasure. Yet despite the vast power of today's propaganda machinery, parents are rarely supported in their effort to inspire personal excellence in children. In fact, the only significant moral outreach that I'm aware of by government historically has been in preparation for war, in order to fill the ranks and to destroy the enemy.

No wonder animal self-interest prevails. Administrative raw expediency seeks high and low to get its dirty work done. Thus over time they've consolidated a class of people that are all-too-willing to undermine hard-won constitutional principles and Christian common decency in favour of foolish short-term self-interest opportunities. And thus capitalist elitism and Big Brother militarism continues to thrive (as does the hyena).

Since the US economic model is becoming the dominant system in the world today, a close look at its structure is invaluable in understanding our own changing circumstance. According to a study commissioned by the US Federal Reserve in 1985, the top 10% of American families own 84% of the nation's financial assets (over 25% of world assets) and their middle management tier comprising 35% of the population (the middle class, intended to loyally prop up the elite agenda) hold 14% of US wealth.

Sadly, the other half of Americans, the workers, who share the remaining 2% of US wealth, aren't politically involved and generally don't even vote. In fact, it's overwhelmingly the more affluent who are dedicated to the process, and who consider political donations a necessity of life. Thus, the primacy of protecting vested interests largely explains the driving ideology of American "individualism" (self-interest) over that of securing the well-being of the collective. As a result, eighty percent of unemployed males in the US aren't eligible for any kind of welfare assistance, even in emergency situations. But the trickle down consequence of engendering a struggle to survive ethos can seriously undermine people's belief in each other. The astronomical crime rate of the US system certainly validates the point, which is 8 times higher per capita than Canada --peaking 30 times higher in some cities.

And women and children in the US fare no better. Among all industrial nations they have the highest rates of poverty, and rate 54th among nations when it comes to healthcare access (a crucial human resource that in real terms requires relatively minimal economic outlay --largely managerial and educational). As a result, the US mortality rate for kids' under 5 years old is on par with third world nations... and on it goes!

Thus we must actively oppose the elite's current drive to impose the US system upon Canada by stealth (with their rapidly unfolding plan for "deep integration of North America", and the harmonization of regulations and practices according to the US model). Even Canada's border defence for example, is now subordinated to NorthCom oversight --a division of the US military. Accordingly, Canada has accepted the right of the US to deploy troops on Canadian soil (ostensibly to help quell public unrest from planned consumption downsizing). Much of the horrific and massive covert incursions I've personally suffered these past 20 years have been perpetrated by plainclothes military, including American. So if Canadians neglect their democratic duties they'd better prepare for the end of the rule of law and human rights here too, as unbound military powers exert increasing control over our everyday lives by stealth.

No doubt, the more light that's shone in the darkened corners of today's political and cultural reality, the more understandable the horrors of unfolding events become. And the worst yet may be dawning upon humanity.

Revelations that conventional oil extraction has generally peaked and is in decline in most of the world's basins certainly explains much about today's dramatically changing events. It clearly explains the past decades of irrational American foreign policies, from the plain "bad advice" consistently touted by the IMF's economic programs in the 80's --which appear to have been crafted simply to reduce third-world consumption levels-- right through to the US commandeering of Iraq's oil fields and the needless slaughtering of its people.

In spite of the media slick PR spin and government silent complicity, today's governing tactic is founded on a raw expediency model that's closer to being gangsterism than being exemplary, and closer to being fascism than being a democracy. And frankly there's not even a real shortage of energy to justify it all.

After all, the fundamental building block of creation is a packet of pure raw energy called the quark. Everything in creation is made of this energy. Therefore the real shortage is one of human knowledge, and how to unlock this divinely clean and precious power, so that humanity is finally able to express its full development potential.

The harvesting of the quark's energy could solve most crises humanity now faces, including pollution for example. As well, hunger, poverty, and even the looming water crisis would instantly disappear. (Since the planet surface is 2/3 water, the real shortage is that of readily available clean energy, in order to desalinate and pump whatever we need. Thus the vast world deserts would bloom again, with abundant food crops and fully automated systems.) And on it goes...

But the massive and cruel downsizing that the New World Order has formulated in response to these problems is based upon a cheapness-of-life third-world economic model (the chickens have come home to roost), which is counter-indicated in my mind, especially because it further erodes universal moral principles and a more thorough harvesting of our human ingenuity potential.

After all, if the real shortage is simply one of knowledge, then a far different tact is required to harvest the full potential of humanity in order to solve these problems. Because if morality is linked to universal insight as our greatest minds believe, it seems fitting that the power of the quark would be bound with fail-safe moral checks and balances by nature itself, in order to insure at very least a proper stewardship of this tremendous force. A force that if abused could conceivably annihilate creation itself. Thus I believe principled human management should be considered a key to future success, and not an administrative liability as the New World Order raw expediency agenda implies.

Thus there's been a visible political movement away from principles of constitutional law and Christian common decency since the rise of the neo-cons in the 80's. Instead they're re-powering the raw expediency of predator Man, chosen by the elite to control humanity. And it's because it's proven advantageous for them historically in achieving their self-serving agenda. Thus Realpolitik dirty-tricks are now openly celebrated in the corridors of power, and are increasingly practiced by New World Order management in everyday affairs. After all, the earth is primarily home to the Animal Kingdom, and at first glance raw expediency seems to advantage self-preservation, its singular ethic.

But this simplistic ethos has consequences not readily apparent. There is observable evidence of the moral dimension of creation, and it clearly affects personal human development. And to me that means creation has sentience. For on what other basis is a universal moral dimension to be concluded? So maybe pulling-out-all-the-stops to simply get your own way in life isn't the right choice after all? Maybe having lots of shiny things doesn't define the glory of a truly rich life? Maybe humanity does have to prove worthy, especially in order to harvest the limitless bounty of the quark? In fact, humanity's rise from the Animal Kingdom's self-serving ethos may be key to the continued existence of the human species. It's well-known that during this latter stage of our sun's existence, a typical star, it will increasingly expand in size as it consumes its shell fuel (and thus containment gravity) until it becomes a red giant, eventually engulfing the earth. Thus the Animal Kingdom is destined for extinction, as is all life on earth. And unless humanity moves off and into the heavens, our species too will become extinct. The only perceivable barrier we face, right now, in moving off the planet and into the heavens is a sufficient energy supply. Thus the keys to the quark would not only provide unlimited clean energy, and an immediate end to poverty, but the continued existence of our species.

Yet today's power structure instantly reverted to its most basic animal self at the first glimpse of the end of conventional oil, which is considered a threat its hegemony. Their knee-jerk response was to kill millions of innocent civilians in Iraq (mostly children & women) in a brutal grab to seize its resources --a temporary reprieve at best. No wonder Man has been given a billion years to evolve before life on earth becomes extinct. Even with our unique moral sentience among the Animal Kingdom it seems we'll need the full time allotted to develop requisite moral reliability if we're ever to gain entry into the heavens. If ever!

If we allow this New World Order agenda to increasingly dominate, its norms will inevitably trickle-down to become humanity's everyday reality. Thus the rule of law will become subordinated to an administrative self-serving expediency better known as fascism. And ol' boy vigilantism will rule the land, without the impediment of checks and balances against their inevitable and whimsical injustices. These realities have already begun in the West --which I've witnessed with considerable firsthand experience-- and will continue to progress unless democracy itself gains both oversight and regulation of the elite's evolving agenda to empower predator man over humanity.

Certainly many individuals have sacrificed their careers --and even their lives-- in mitigating the raw expediency of the New World Order so far. Such as George Radwanski for example, the former editor-in-chief of the Toronto Star, who valiantly fought the rise of a police state in Canada in his official role as the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. He warned the public in the strongest of terms about the pending loss of freedom "in his official 2001 year-end report. ". And yet even he in an official capacity was felled in a coup by ol'-boy-loyal opponents, with such a flimsy pretence in fact that it violated even the most basic of common sense. (Not unlike JFK's magic bullet in fact.)

Yet even with such blatant political implications, the Radwanski coup perpetrators remain unchallenged by the public to this day, because they're well shrouded in the cloak of the elite's media monopoly.

And it's clearly systemic. The Complaints Commissioner herself admitted the RCMP is "beyond regulation now". According to Liberal MP, Borys Wrzesnewskyj, RCMP management created a "culture of corruption", which the Special Government Investigator, David Brown, called "horribly broken" in his scathing 2007 report. But what do they expect when Canada's version of homeland security legislation was Bill C-24, an "Act to Amend the Criminal Code" that gives cops the right to break the law at their discretion. The trickle-down effect of bureaucratic lawlessness is yet to be fully felt in Canada as a result of this unforgivable blunder.

Thus the Just Society principles of systemic fairness that was wholly enshrined in Canada's constitutional Charter of Rights can be simply eliminated from any individual now (in real-life terms) solely on the basis of police whim. The fact that so many people have died in police custody in BC alone in the last few years (where I lived) is a poignant insight of where it's taking us. And there is a massive utilization of covert vigilantes (informants) now empowered throughout Canada, according to the US model, in an unprecedented transfer of power from the rule of law and constitutional principle, to the whimsical street justice of ol' boy loyal Big Brother and its legions of plainclothes militia and Judas Iscariot wannabes.

Even Canada's RCMP SS, who were disbanded in disgrace for lawlessness reminiscent of their CIA counterparts, have gained fame for their tactics, which are now openly adopted in order to best defend the interests of the elite. (Glen Clark, the former NDP Premier of BC, will certainly testify to the fact, being a deposed victim himself of an RCMP plain light-of-day coup. So too for former Prime Minister Paul Martin according to his book "Come Hell or High Water". Thus clearing the way for Harper, who apparently was personally welcomed to parliament by the RCMP coup perpetrators.)

And yet, with all this political intrigue in Canada, statistics clearly show that the vast majority of the population are benign. In fact, Ramsey Clark, the former Attorney General of the US, says that "80% of the population couldn't commit a heinous act against another human". His conclusions are based on a lifetime of experience in the field, and thus upon valuable little-known insights: such as the fact that the majority of US draftees in Vietnam refused to engage the enemy for example, (i.e. they'd purposely fire over the NVA heads) even at great risk to themselves.

Thus it would appear that the social calamity humanity suffers is caused by those 20% of the population who become human predators --whether in uniform or not. And I believe it's firmly rooted in the historic practice of determining societal norms according to the vested interests of dominant groups, all the while the crucial need for understanding the moral developmental effects of life itself remain foolishly ignored.

It's clear to me that the solution to humanity's grotesque deprivation and social injustice throughout the world today is to develop an administrative mechanism that ensures requisite moral principle in the management of human affairs.

Therefore, please consider:

  • If humanity was made in the image of God, then the collective human conscience is divine. And thus could provide a readily accessible phenomenon able to best guide the moral state of our existence. As well, it's clearly in the public interest to keep governance fair.
  • Most people who study democracy realize that no individual representative is absolutely dependable: human foibles and frailties are just too significant, and the political pressures that can be brought against mere individuals, no matter who they are, are just too profound.
  • On the other hand, psychologists have long known that the collective itself is inherently predictable, and in my understanding is singularly equipped to withstand the kind of pressures that the elite can wield. And this most formidable resource stands idly by, simply awaiting to help out.

Thus I see the collective conscience phenomenon as a uniquely reliable basis from which to craft fail-safe mechanisms to guide the general direction and operating values of government, and to best provide an oversight and feedback function at every level, to ensure effective, principled management.

Of course the concept needs proving, and practical models such as the contractual mandate system that are now being crafted into a new political party show promise. The ultimate success though will be found in the design of the regulations in order to effectively harness these phenomenon, and thus to guarantee exemplary governance and real-life inspirational insight.

There is real hope in my mind that this crucial mechanism can be developed.

Of course these are complex issues, requiring a full and open public exploration of all elements, including the historic and cultural hand-me-downs responsible for these ageless problems. But be assured, the innovative capacity of conscientious people gathered together in common cause for the well-being of humanity is the most capable force on this planet. And at this crucial time in human history no less effort will suffice.

In the meantime, encouraging people to diversify their daily information and media sources is crucial, in order to see beyond the vested interests presented by the elite's power structure and its media monopoly. Thus exploring all sides of issues, by subscribing to independent investigative news and research sources too, will help empower a more practical movement for true democracy with understanding and resolve.

I personally believe these are the first crucial steps for desperately needed reform.

I hope you agree too, because together we have a chance.

I'll look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, David Piney

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