Our system of  Current News reporting encourages independent investigative journalists and researchers, with mechanisms inclined towards uncovering the truth and not covering it up. Hold crtl key & scroll mouse to adjust image size. Become a member of the True Democracy Party here. Discover the historical roots of many of humanity's current problems here. See the Automated Window Enclosure system here. Canadians are clearly defined by our Charter of Rights constitutional amendment as a free people. We’re a free people because Canada’s Just Society architects recognize that the wielding of authority has proven so calamitous to human lives historically that in all conscience it must be relegated  -- as a matter of policy – as a last resort option. And thus it’s a consensus view that this precept is fundamental to the True Democracy Party. We’ll legislate the Contractual mandate system, binding representatives to their election promises in contract form. Voters can then decide elections according to the content of these contracts, instead of largely personalities as it is now.

Complaints registered about incumbent contract violations would be immediately adjudicated by a random selection of voters (self governing according to a checks and balances formula) to fully explore the issues.
If the representative was found violating electoral contract – and it wasn’t deemed an emergency action in the best interest of the public --  a by-election would be called.
Thus the representative would be  returned to voters to explain the political circumstances for aborting their elected course of action. Thereby, representatives are kept strictly accountable to voters, which ends their vulnerability to outside influence and resulting corruption.
Clearly the public aren’t qualified to administer esoteric matters of state. But it’s especially in the public  interest to keep the system honest and fair. (And there’s simply no more formidable resource  to oversee management at every level , it just needs to be applied.) This process may be more time consuming, but what price  do we put on ensuring a Just Society? ...on Canadian sovereignty, that protects our values and goals?