I thought it important to forward email correspondence I’ve had with Ottawa City Councillors regarding their neighbourhood crime prevention program. I hope you'll agree that glimpsing the full dimensions of this topic is important to all Canadian municipalities before decisions are made.

I look forward to discussing the details.

david piney

P.S. I’ve since edited the forwarded email for better clarity.

From: DavidPiney@gmail.com

Sent: October 03, 2012 1:01 PM

Cc: Stephen Blais; Bloess, Rainer; Chernushenko, David; Chiarelli, Rick; Clark, Peter D; Deans, Diane; Desroches, Steve; Ward 9; El-Chantiry, Eli; Harder, Jan; Hobbs, Katherine; Holmes, Diane; Hubley, Allan; Hume, Peter E; McRae, Maria; Moffatt, Scott; Monette, Bob; Qadri, Shad; Taylor, Mark; Tierney, Timothy; Thompson, Doug; Wilkinson, Marianne

Subject: Re: the Crime Prevention Ottawa report.

Ottawa City Hall Councilors

I think it important to present another perspective to the Crime Prevention Ottawa report submitted to Ottawa City Councillors last week.

Few would argue with their concept of gathering the community together under the banner of good neighbourliness in order to better ensure collective well-being. But there is a dark side too that needs exploring.

Even with the best intent, the natural absence of the checks and balances of justice procedures makes it easy for expedient political forces to manoeuvre your proposed neighbourhood recruits against dissidents too for example, or a multitude of other inappropriate targets, based on sheer political expediency and guile. And the net effect becomes a very powerful, covert, social pruning force, shaping society in the image of those who wield its might, for whatever purpose. Fail-safe checks and balances are clearly required.

Clearly, strong communities don’t necessarily mean a strong Canada. But strong principled communities do mean a strong Canada, and especially so when proven values ensuring justice and common decency for all are shared. With Canadians all on the same page our strength is optimized, and immune to the divide and conquer tactics that have weakened nations historically.

Otherwise, your proposed community effort risks becoming the kind of expedient vigilantism that the US is infamous for. And in understanding the US unfolding political agenda, it wouldn’t surprise me if that was the long-term intent for Canada. After all, official vigilantism is a rare short circuit option to avoid Just Society constitutional mechanisms, thereby replenishing ol’ boy hegemony that Trudeau tried to remedy.

And though the New World Order ultimate goals are beyond reach to know for certain, irrefutable 911 evidence proves there’s serious criminality involved, along with the rise of its neo con administrations. And be there no doubt, the RCMP record too is suspect.

I’ve personally experienced their coverts' coercive pain inducing infrasonic and emf weapons almost daily for the past 10 years. Massive daily headaches for example, instantly disappear when I place a bucket (Faraday cage) over my head. Remove the bucket and an excruciating headache instantly returns. For years they’d wake me early morning with headaches in order to deny me crucial Rem Sleep. And though they don’t do it so often nowadays, it’s little consolation. The fact that such cruelty has continued for so many years says much about the New World Order attack on our Just Society principles and infrastructure. Three times I tried to file complaints against these lawless RCMP gangsterism tactics that I’ve suffered under, and they flatly refused to accept them. Regardless, the futility of the police complaints system becomes obvious with a simple understanding of the yearly statistics. Apparently the only true remedy is wholesale police reform. http://truedemocracy.ca/citizens-police-reform.htm

I’ve seen the RCMP covert infrastructure up close and personal for almost 30 years now, and I warn in the strongest terms of its predilection for raw expediency and criminality. I’ve also witnessed its often cruel exploitation of its own participants, including kids. I have many illuminating anecdotes, including evidence if you’re interested. In fact, I think it premature to make any decision about the Crime Prevention Ottawa project until you have heard real-life accounts of what goes on in the covert world now operating in Canada.

I hope there’s a way for us to discuss these important issues. And I look forward to any questions you may have.

Best regards,

David Piney

On Wed, Oct 3, 2012 at 1:45 PM, Qadri, Shad<Shad.Qadri@ottawa.ca> wrote:

Dear Mr. Piney, thank you for email.

I would like to point out to you, that Crime Prevention Ottawa is well aware of the dangers of vigilantism and never encourages communities to take criminal matters into their own hands. We encourage appropriate reporting to the Police and to the City. Our neighbourhood projects focus more on building community cohesion, assisting communities to create clean, healthy spaces and getting the needed services working collaboratively.

If I can be of further assistance please let me know.

Shad Qadri

Chair Crime Prevention Ottawa

I thought the purpose of elected citizens was to oversee the bureaucracy, not to blindly defend it? Yet that's exactly what Shad Qadri, Chair of Crime Prevention Ottawa, did as the sole respondent to my Oct 3/12 email that was sent to all the Ottawa City Councilors.

I brought the council's attention to important issues that I have personal knowledge of, and prudent management is always grateful for the slightest warning that things aren't right in order to make required adjustments before more harm is done. But the simple fact that the councilors have chosen as their spokesman the very institution I've requested to be reevaluated says much about the efficacy of the system. And I find your lack of moral outrage over my being targeted with systemic torture in Canada very scary indeed.

The RCMP/military nexus have created a massive covert infrastructure—a formidable, raw expediency exercise of wholly unaccountable power—that is not only unwarranted in a free society, but that wields sufficient extra-judicial public control to be able to subvert a free society. And these public outreach programs, such as Crime Prevention Ottawa, could either further this covert empowerment agenda, or it could become a citizen-aware counterbalance, by upholding Canada's Just Society principles through knowledgeable citizenry actively involved with remedial mechanisms.

Canada has enshrined the rule of law tenets in our great constitution for good reason. History is saturated with countless examples of the grotesque injustices that result otherwise. Therefore a meaningful part of the Crime Prevention effort must ensure community awareness of the range of historical examples that clearly demonstrate the necessity of Canada's constitutional principles.

After all, a Just Society doesn't treat criminals with common decency and assured fairness because they necessarily deserve it, but as an example of the way that everyone must be treated, as a cultural standard. For the only true solution to the curse of crime and human predation—that society will ever have—is to nourish an intrinsic concern for the well-being of others in the human soul.

But the elite warmongers and their opportunistic sycophants promote the opposite agenda of course. And divide and conquer is a favoured tactic (to prepare for the planned century of warfare ahead I’m sure). The magnitude of trauma that their "fear of strangers" tactic as unleashed on entire generations in Canada since Reagan for example, is unprecedented. And the fact that it had police support is telling. Yet, a child has 20 times more chance of being born a con-joined twin than being kidnapped by a “stranger” in an amber alert situation.

Of course the ol’ boy power structure have always played variants of this social engineering tactic. Since the end of the Vietnam war it’s been razor blades or needles found in kids' Halloween candies for example, though it happens almost yearly, no kids are ever reported to have been injured. But the New World Order agenda have kicked the old tactic up a notch. In BC (where I lived) they’ve had numerous examples over the decade of young 8year old girls fighting off grown men—alleged would-be kidnappers—by kicking and screaming. If the issue wasn't so profoundly traumatic on people's lives such absurdities would be laughable.

And it doesn't stop there. Both Glen Clark and Paul Martin complained they were taken out by the RCMP—clearly RCMP led coups in my eyes—and right wing neo con governments rose in their stead, seemingly according to plan. In fact, every major study have found serious problems with the RCMP, but no meaningful fix is ever offered. At least Trudeau had the scruples to disband the RCMP SS in disgrace for its systemic CIA type lawlessness. (As the Minister of Justice he became well aware of the inherent morality problems through empowering the paramilitary mindset. Thus he crafted our great Charter of Rights specifically to protect the public from these forces in my eyes.)

Thus, considering the successes of the key US tactic of gaining beachheads into foreign police and militaries in order to eventually control their governments, it would be irresponsible to treat the power of citizen recruitment and its management lightly. Prudent management demands that fail-safe mechanisms be developed to retain active control over these proposed citizen recruitment initiatives to prevent covert recruitment, and to be overseen by elected officials, as servant to unfettered public feedback.

I hope we can discuss the details.

Best regards.

david piney