You can glimpse a crude animation of an important environmental project we've filed US and Canadian patents on:

(The refusal of Canadian government funding to file international patents on this multi-trillion dollar market was shocking political education to me. And the continuing organized intrigue designed to sabotage this project is as insane as it is grotesquely criminal.)

Politics and the Environment

(brief overview)

The significant decline of oil production in most of the world basins, combined with the glaring absence of meaningful discoveries, bodes ominous for humanity. New technologies have fully mapped world oil & gas deposits, and thus consumption downsizing (austerity) has already begun worldwide as a matter of government policy. There's rightful speculation that the US led economic crash was engineered in order to prevent world demand for oil from exceeding supply and thereby creating a spiralling price-bidding crisis.

The cheap (conventional) oil is nearly gone. Harvesting future oil stocks will become evermore expensive, difficult, and risky. The new process of “fracking” for example, releases the last dregs of gas and oil trapped in deep rock formations, and there's lots of it, but at grave threat to ground water supplies from both fracking water usage and the risk of its toxic chemicals polluting the water table. And fracking wells quickly dry up.

The West's Agri-industry, and its green revolution, directly links food production with oil supplies. It takes 9 units of oil & gas to create 1 unit of food. Therefore the decline of the conventional oil era means global food shortages, especially if grain crops are increasingly used for bio-fuels. An article by Dale Allen Pfeiffer in 2003 first sounded the alarm, and is a must read to better understand current events.

Of course the issue is further exacerbated by imperialist politics. Since creation itself is made of pure energy in fact, there's obviously no energy shortage. The deficiency is simply human knowledge, and how to unlock the unlimited clean energy of the quark, the fundamental building block of creation. But under the current power structure, war and austerity appear to be the prescribed response. It's also largely a political issue whether the world slides into the avoidable tragedy of food scarcity. For if developed nations simply became vegan it would not only cure most of our medical problems (from heart disease right through to diabetes and cancer) but it would also increase the human food supply by many fold. It takes seven pounds of grain in our agri-industry to produce one pound of meat. Thus if the grain were fed directly to people it could feed seven times the population. As well, it takes 5 acres of roughage to raise one 1000 lb cow, which could otherwise grow human food, such as 100,000 lbs of potatoes for example, which also takes 5 acres. Thus clearly veganism is also key.

And talk about politics. No wonder veganism isn't popular. Health Canada promotes legumes as an alternative meat source, thus they're actually promoting the meat industry because legumes are clearly unfit as human food (as Genesis says). The trypsin inhibitor they contain must be cooked out or it's toxic. And even so, beans aren't digested well, causing stomach discomfort and gas. But flax and hemp seeds are not only deliciously succulent, and by far nutritionally superior --with more ALA (thereby omega 3 fatty acids) than fish, and without mercury or heavy metal pollution. Flax, hemp and chia seeds are perfect protein for humans with all essential amino acids. And thus these prized grains ensure abundant wholesome food for humanity, and an important solution for healthful well-being planet wide. You simply must try fresh-ground flax soups, stews and gravies to understand the succulent goodness of divinely wholesome foods. (To paraphrase the Garden of Eden diet in Genesis: creation provides humanity seeds from herbs, and fruit from trees, it shall be your meat. It's very rare on earth to find poison seeds from herbs or poison fruit from trees, as a quick Google search shows. (Legumes are the fruit of a herb, because they're in a pod.) And seeds and fruits are the only nutrient packs specifically designed by nature to be food –other than mother's milk. Everything else people eat nowadays are creatures, which Genesis strongly warns against –perhaps there is a physiological triggering effect from other creatures' hormones that's harmful, such as animal fats that trigger human heart disease. A CNN documentary introduces President Clinton's doctors (the best and brightest) that warned him after 3 bypasses surgeries to become a vegan because it's the only cure for heart disease.

So! There are clearly ways to postpone the crisis that humanity now faces, until long-term solutions can be found, which don't involve warfare or the political gangsterism of seizing other nations resources.

The UN have formulated 3 future population projections, and since the 80's we've been on track for the 2nd most favourable. Accordingly, humanity will peak at just over 9billion people by about 2050, and then begin to decline naturally --as Planned Parenthood and social development programs progress. Thereby wholly avoiding the century of warfare tactics that the Bush administration planned and predicted.

Surely, if knowledge is the sole missing element in humanity's search for a clean energy supply, a principled and enlightened people are the most proven course of action. But such decisions must be adopted and implemented by humanity generally, household by household, regardless of the conventional powers. For these looming events are likely the turning point in human existence, and it's far too important to blindly trust to the conventional powers to risk, especially knowing their historical record.