Canadians are clearly defined by our constitutional Charter of Rights as a free people. We’re a free people because Canada’s Just Society architects recognize that the wielding of authority has proven so calamitous to human lives historically that in all conscience it must be relegated as a last resort option. And thus it’s a consensus view that this precept is fundamental to the True Democracy Party.

As well, Canada is specifically defined by our great constitutional Charter as a nation founded upon principles. Principles in fact that recognize the supremacy of God –in effect the moral dimension of creation. And clearly if humanity was made in the image of God then the collective human conscience is divine. Therefore the collective conscience, expressed through true democracy, may well provide the most trustworthy defender of divine values, and thereby best oversee the guidance of our nation's general direction.

The “rule of law” is also recognized as a Canadian constitutional principle. History shows the importance of “fair play” in creating a truly civilized people, and thereby rules and mechanisms needed to compensate those who've suffered unfairness. But the constitutional architects never meant “rule of law” to simply mean a blind subordination to the arbitrary dictate of administrators, judges, or police either. Instead it’s meant as a democratic standard of governance that learns and rightly evolves from objective experience, carefully recording the cause and effect observations of life and cultural on human development and the fair play ethos.  Thus inspiring an exemplary people that treasures public decency, fair play and good neighbourliness, regardless of life's often difficult path. For the only true solution to the historic curse of crime and human predation generally, is to engender an intrinsic concern for the well-being of others in the human soul.

And thus the longstanding prayer remains, that future generations will continue in this evolutionary rise toward human excellence, within the guiding sanctity of an inherently free people.