Current News here. See daily news events the mainstream media are under reporting or avoiding. Hold crtl key & scroll mouse to adjust image size. Participate. Join True Democracy in common cause for the well being of humanity. Archive. See our vast collection of news articles, political and historical analysis. Environment. See our Automated Window Enclosure system here, that can save more power in Canada than our nuclear plants generate. Canada is specifically defined by our great constitutional Charter as a nation founded upon principles. Principles in fact that distinctly recognize the supremacy of God, the moral dimension of creation. And clearly, if humanity was made in the image of God then the collective human conscience is divine. Therefore empowerment of the collective conscience, expressed through true democracy mechanisms, may provide the most trustworthy defender of our nationís values and future direction. next page; the contractual mandate system. The unprecedented power of today's Information Age has permitted the  public to access insider information as never before. And thereby to plainly see the serious undermining of Canada's Just Society principles, and even our national sovereignty, which solely protects those principles. Thus the necessity for systemic reform. The need for a fail-safe mechanism to ensure principled governance is now crucial.

Therefore the True Democracy Party intends to amend the Canada Election Act in order to bind candidates to election promises, thus ensuring direct voter approval of national values, policies and general direction. After all, the current model of democracy was created by the aristocracy of old, and is clearly able to defy the moral will of the public as it is. 

The collective conscience on the other hand, is accurately represented by the electorate, and provides an unparalleled resource to best guard against runaway government and general injustice at every level. With the rapid approach of the end of the conventional oil era, and massive downsizing worldwide, the public needs fail-safe mechanisms to ensure fair treatment.

We can solve these problems -- with exemplary values and active public participation -- if we join in common cause.