Life and Religion.

By David Piney

The age-old argument offered against the existence of God asks "then why does he allow all the catastrophes, the tornadoes, the earthquakes and the floods which cause people such pain and suffering?"

Recently while cleaning an ant's nest out of my trailer, and with throngs of ants at my feet, I realized why. Scattered everywhere throughout the lawn and fields were creatures great and small. If my actions were bound by moral law to protect each of them from harm I would be unable to walk, to eat, or to even to breath without threatening some form of life. And so I would die from being so constrained, and all that my heart possesses would be lost too. And so it is with God's dynamic forces and creation.

The very existence of creation depends upon the properties of matter behaving predictably, precisely, regardless of the presence of creatures great or small.

The fact that hot air rises and cool air falls certainly creates conditions for tornadoes and hurricanes, which no doubt cost many human lives each year. But this predictable, functional phenomenon also provides the rain, which nourishes all, and the wind, which scatters the seed and soil for life a-new. And so it is for the rest of the universal forces too.

Of course each of the great powers has the potential to kill. The very existence of the universe depends so profoundly upon them that they must be appropriately powerful.

In exercising control over the planetary orbits, gravity and centrifugal force sustain the very existence of life upon our planet and have dependably done so for billions of years. But does it make gravity or inertia evil, or the universal laws less noble because a landslide wipes out a village? Doesn't the unquestioning compliance of these forces to the universal order not only define the very form and makeup of this fruitful planet but basically ensure its continuance?

Can we rightfully ask then that the driving forces of the magma under the earth's crust cease its turbulence for the sake of a precariously placed village above? Or should God simply cancel all of the great forces whimsically, along with their crucial properties, each time a life is threatened, whether plant, animal or man? Is it possible for such a moral prescription to function and yet ensure the universe's continuance?

Obviously the universe says not! Yet are we so naive as to impose our unworkable morality upon the forces of God itself as a requisite for our devotion? And does our resulting lack of devotion make the laws and properties of creation any less vital or any less moral? Or in fact, does these type of egocentric conclusions reveal our own moral limitations instead, and the source of much of the historic artificiality that's too often been ruthlessly imposed upon others in the name of moral principle?

Yet, it's the assured predictability of the universal forces that offers humanity a window to life’s reality, and is thus our greatest hope. Creation so decrees a strict cause-and-effect accounting from all its expressions that we are provided with an invaluable blueprint precisely defining the full realm of developmental possibilities. And fortunately that gift of universal predictability extends to moral expression too.

It's repugnant to some that universal moral law is of the same soul as the animal kingdom where our roots originate. But the ubiquitous suffering clearly visible within that realm is wholly predictable too according to life, as a direct consequence of its single minded egocentric ethos, which inevitably spawns the ruthlessness of blind self-interest and thus the law of survival of the fittest.

After all, self-preservation is the sole principle that guides the entire animal kingdom in terms of their innate absence of concern for the wellbeing of others. And in fact, it's the a-moral characteristic of the animal realm that differentiates the human species with its unique capacity for conscience, and thus which thankfully prescribes our fate with far different possibilities. For humans are the only species on earth that will sacrifice themselves for the sake of principle, simply out of a personal commitment to do the "right thing". The guiding ethos of every other creature on earth is self-preservation at all costs, regardless of others.

And so the mighty wildebeest for example, is preyed upon by the relatively puny hyena, because when danger arises it’s an everyone-for-themselves scattering. And thus the weak and young are easily picked off. But if the herds stood together in selfless support for one another, no predator would dare attack: So too with true democracy and humanity today.

Yet because of the legacy of political expediency adopted by the human predators who've taken power historically, the cause-and-effect moral laws of life have been purposely obscured from the general public through social controls, including the pulpit. And a moral artificiality based on elitist self-interest has been imposed instead, thus effectively usurping the growth of true democracy for a prime example.

For thousands of years ritual and ceremony have been promoted to appease the forces of evil within society, instead of promoting a collective effort at understanding the intricacies of real-life's developmental consequences. The Romans threw the Christians to the lions for almost 300 years for example, to prevent the popularizing of Jesus' revelation of the cause-and-effect developmental consequences of moral attitudes and behaviors. After all, an imperialist empire needs a sufficiently militant population to draw its armies from and to support its infrastructure, and the intrinsic benevolence espoused by Jesus was considered a significant cultural threat to Rome’s imperialist basis.

But inevitably, Constantine and emperors that followed chose to harness the powerful forces of Christian devotion instead, for imperialist advantage. They simply changed Christ's moral emphasis from “doing the works” to that of the sacrament, thus promoting St. Paul’s ethic of “grace” over Christ’s consistent demand for the “works”. The emperors then trumpeted the invincibility of their now divinely blessed armies, who were no longer bound by Christian works and yet were wholly enthused in battle by their belief in Christian resurrection. This was a significant military strategy but it had devastating consequences for Christianity and humanity.

Preachers still extol the supremacy of St. Paul's statement that "it's by grace and not by works that we are saved" [the "else we'd boast" part of Jesus’ statement is conveniently left out] in direct contradiction to Christ’s continuous primary appeal throughout his life for the public to "do the works" in order to partake of the full glory of life. It's amazing to me that such perversions of his teaching continue. But it's no accident. And it's being engineered still today.

Thus the dilemma for humanity remains to accurately determine what true morality is --in terms of the real-life developmental consequences of attitudes and behaviours-- and the great work of prioritizing principles according to the varying circumstances involved remains to be done, in order to more effectively engender personal excellence and thus the evolution of a benevolent and enlightened people.

In realizing the moral values of today are largely cultural hand-me-downs, an objective evaluation of this legacy is required in order to verify the real-life effects: Be they from God, or simply the vested interests of dominant groups?

After all, in witnessing TV's everyday normalizing of violence and callous human predation for example, one must ask “whose interests does it serve?” Does the collective family of humanity benefit? Or is this programming a consequence of the elitist agenda for imperialist needs? No doubt the ruling elite, who wholly control the mainstream media, must engender a compliant people willing to support status quo --often regardless of Christian principle-- in order to sustain their exploitive infrastructure worldwide. The practice of engendering these often contradictory forces has been significant historical contributor to the evolving nature of this culture, its values and social structure.

The "establishment-coordinated" system has engineered a noticeable revision of cultural values since the anti-Vietnam war movement for example. The moral theme of Hollywood movies has dramatically changed since then. The ubiquitous military programming in America in the early post WW2 media was always couched in honourable intent, as movies such as “Sergeant York” clearly portrayed. But it popularized a public ethic which backfired when the Vietnam conflict erupted, because people profoundly resented the despicable raw imperialist agenda  as the details became publicly known.

Thus a new era for grooming the next generation of GI Joes began, which continues today. One where tens of billions of media dollars are spent yearly to ensure elitist self-interest is extolled over Christian principle and human justice. For no other force has so threatened US imperialism as the peace-love movement of the sixties, which effectively ended the Vietnam war in US defeat, and branded imperialism distasteful and a significant threat to humanity.

Of course today's cultural engineering strategies are complex, and usually quite subtle, though pervasive. Today's fear of strangers’ campaign is a prime example. This combined-form strategy of “dehumanizing the enemy” (ubiquitous child-harming strangers) facilitates the ageless “divide and conquer" ploy, and has had devastating consequences for the family of humanity. Clearly, when people are made afraid or contemptuous of their neighbours generally, collective effort is minimized and thus the power of democracy considerably weakened. But the reckless use of such tactics by the elite has multiple repercussions, including the natural rise of crime and human predation among us, which naturally unfolds from attitudes that are contemptuous of others.

The recent string of child abduction "attempts" in Canada reported by mainstream news is a revealing insight of the ridiculous conniving that's involved. If a grown man wanted to grab a kid and be gone in a flash he could easily do it. The media would have us believe that numerous attempts recently in BC have been foiled by preteen kids fighting back, by screaming and kicking their abductor, etc. That’s just plain hogwash!

There's not a man I've met that couldn't throw an 8yr old kid into their car and be gone in an instant no mater how hard the kid tried to fight back. It'd be like being beaten with a mosquito's wings to an average working man. Yet the media serves up this blatant fear mongering without any kind of rational oversight or public inquiry. It seems they’re simply cultivating a fighting attitude in the public (as they did with their pre-war anti-Nazi warmongering propaganda, which were proven to be all lies) and thus putting the public on hair-trigger alert against anyone the establishment defines as a bad guy. And any public outcry about this moral outrage is easily muted by the elite’s absolute media monopoly.

Thus inevitably this spate of abduction attempts will conveniently fade into obscurity until the next strategic batch arises, perfectly timed for maximum public effect of course. And the only visible public outreach in the meantime, is for a more organized community recruitment of big brother stoolies, but there's none for a thorough investigation of who's responsible, or what's really going on with such hogwash.

And thus it's big brother militants that are most strategically advantaged by it all. The potential horrors that can be imagined by the adult mind about child abduction most assuredly are, which assures a more successful and zealous recruitment for big brother’s vast vigilante (covert) armies. Purportedly, they're recruited as a citizen block defense against the “bad guys”. But the issue of who the bad guys are is solely defined by the elite's covert establishment, without overview, appeal, or mechanisms assuring fairness of any kind --except for a blind trust in cops' personal morality. And considering the lies, deceit and guile that defines everyday covert operations nowadays, it’s not a reassuring gamble.

Though media propaganda has been prolific at estranging communities under this pretense, the Canadian statistics on stranger abductions proves the threat is so rare that even cops have been heard to say publicly that "it's non-existent". Yet the media's unchallenged and irresponsible fear mongering has consistently contradicted the truth about child abductions  in TV campaigns galore --many with police support-- in a shameless concerted effort to beguile the public to accept the ulterior agenda that's being strategically perpetrated by the security forces, at horrendous public expense.

Compared with the real-life threat, the public's response has been more akin to that of Pavlov's dogs. And even pet dogs are a far greater threat to kids than strangers ever were. And yet kids are encouraged to express more trust, affection and neighborliness to dogs than to their fellow man. The stench of guile and a private agenda reeks the air from all of this, because no rational justification for this debasing fear-of-strangers campaign exists. Thus this unwarranted fear mongering is either because of a very stupid administration, or a very ruthless ulterior agenda. And believe me, today's elite that authored the fear mongering campaign aren't stupid.

 And so it is, that this airwave bandit called TV enters into our very homes like the thief in the night, disguised as a glorious future that we all want to possess. And in front of the whole family all gathered intently around, it beguiles the qualities of Christian decency and its assurance of a divine future for the family of humanity from our very souls. And the profound effects will not even be fully realized until the next generation has grown, and their intrinsic caring for their fellow man is put to test.

Thus I see the fate of humanity’s legacy of divine conscience has been largely entrusted to a handful of economic elite to promulgate, simply because they strategically bought the media in order to effectively mold the public consciousness for their own ends, and I believe that's primarily a self-interest agenda.

In spite of humanity’s frail vulnerabilities, our unique conscience in this earthly animal kingdom imparts in us a fleeting vision of life that should be, in order to eventually lead us from the cruelty of mother nature to the divinely Promised Land. Ancient biblical text records the human realization that ascension from animalism is dependent upon disciplined choices, thereby subordinating passion to reason, for example (Trudeau’s lifelong creed). These ancient texts consistently record the phenomenon of predictable and profound attributes exhibited by those of the tribe who chose moral discipline over animal desire, which, it is written, was especially made apparent when subduing the hottest fires of temptation.

The explanation of modern science for this still readily visible phenomenon, records that it's the "developmental effects of transformational bio-energies" generated by human physiology, whose effects are especially noticeable in the higher intensities. And it’s especially easy to observe when comparing the opposing transformational effects, such as love or lust, vengeance or compassion, arrogance or humility. These are but a few of the most apparent examples, which profoundly affect people's real-life development, and even their physical appearance.

One energy type literally generates a radiant beauty, maximizes intelligence, and heightens emotional sensitivities, and is historically recognized as angelic. The opposing energies (solely selfish, animal-type) clearly transform people into the beast in every aspect. And though most people grow to become some combination of the two, there have been rarities in life who've been sufficiently disciplined and inspired with virtue to reveal a measure of the potential that awaits those wholly committed to righteousness. I cite Nelson Mandela for a well known example, who possesses unique physical attributes generated by a lifetime of sexually disciplined bio-energies –-even though it was forced upon him by imprisonment.

And that's only the beginning of the possibilities according to the teachings of Jesus. Christ’s accumulated bio-energies, after a lifetime without sin, radiated as a visible glow on occasion --described today as an aura and biblically as a hallo. That’s why it’s a tragic misrepresentation for movies to personify Jesus by anyone older than 11 years of age, for in his intrinsic innocence he remained wholly that of a child. His energy level became so powerful that those who were sorely deficient in these life forces apparently drew a healing power from him when he laid hands on them. It's recorded that one lady even found relief when touching the aura emanating through his cloak.

Is it possible that Lazarus was even brought back from (seemingly?) dead by those powers? I don't know yet. But I’ve seen enough scientific conformation to convince me of the possibilities. But one thing’s for sure: it's up to people to fully explore this precious potential, and thus to learn the whole truth about life. How else can we be sure of where to place our priorities and loyalties, in order to optimize this precious gift of human life? We owe creation at least that much.

Many have historically said that Jesus' statements were ridiculous, and so it must have seemed according to their level of understanding at the time. Christ said that people were destined to live for eternity for example, with the ultimate capacity to “say to this mountain, remove yourself, and it would obey”. Those were powerful statements at the time for sure. And in those days there was no practical evidence to support them.

Amazingly, scientists have now discovered that a cancer cell does live forever, if fed and kept in a healthy environment. And today's scientists can now control the aging process on a cellular level in the test tube. Could this be a glimpse of the validity of Christ’s revelation? Could our ultimate capacity for personal development simply be a function of cultural values, as Christ implied, and the engendering of requisite moral discipline? Or is today’s inherited culture far too artificial and disconnected from universal law to even glimpse the depth of the possibilities?

According to the reality of physics, life as we know it is actually only a simulation of reality, an illusion in fact, that’s wholly generated by our minds. If everything is solely made of quarks --tiny star-like packets of energy-- then looking into the clear night sky will offer a better perspective of true reality. For creation in its entirety is nothing but a vast galaxy of tiny star-like quarks clustered throughout the deep voids of empty space (as are we too). And since the human eye isn't a window unto the world per se, but an opaque light-wave sensor that stimulates the brain with electric signals generated according to its emf sensitivities, the world that we see is one that our brain generates. If our eyes were sensitive to the entire emf range we'd see a far different reality, as many creatures are known to. Thus reality is a function of personal comprehension and attributes, and therefore solely an individual experience according to personal variables.  

If our surroundings are in some measure a brain-induced imagery then, it seems plausible for people to harvest techniques to enhance that reality, as Jesus said. Maybe we really can alter reality consciously.

Could the full power of Christian ethics that he promised be true? Are the potentials so profound, so endless as Christ claimed? (I thought the book “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” portrayed the possibilities well, in an between-the-lines fashion. I recommend this great little book as a source of bedtime stories for the kids, in order to explore the potentials.)

So, is it largely environmental factors that determine human development, as it is with plants for example, having the proper soil, sunshine and rain? In other words, can we rise above our animal kingdom roots and the measure of day-to-day artificiality in our lives, which compete for attention with the transformational forces of life, and thus determine our ultimate development? And thus by consigning ourselves to artificial pressures of cultural conformity instead, are we in fact consigned to indifference about the real-life developmental forces and thus to mediocrity?

By unquestioningly accepting the hand-me-down culture imposed upon us by reason of birth, especially its everyday realities known to be un-Christian, such as blind obedience to its hierarchal structure that’s commenced under parental dictate; the tragic consequence of its punitive methods of correction; the endless and mindless reality of its acceptance of little white lies; the grotesque cultural manipulation of human sexuality; and all the self-serving expediencies of capitalism; etc.; etc.; etc.;  we've thus been made oblivious to the real-life sculptor of our personal destiny.

So please reconsider these transformational bio-energies that’s generated in us all for starters, and the predictable developmental effects they are seen to have upon human development and upon our society. Could they be of divine origin, as Jesus said, in order to provide the blueprint required to evolve beyond an animal kingdom baseness? What are the future potentials?

He said the miracles he performed were clear evidence of the powers available to those willing to adopt the moral disciplines that he exemplified. And without them, in my mind, it’s clearly just a self-serving animal world! 

God bless the principled leadership of Jesus Christ, and those who truly cherish and adopt his example. There is no more important element of life than that of universal moral law, and in my mind it is the sole basis of church and worship.

Sincerely, David Piney

PS. In lacking another forum I’d like to expound the vision I once had about the illusions painted by life. The concept of creation being made entirely of the tiny star-like packets of raw energy called quarks is illuminating. And thus our eyes aren’t windows unto the world per se, but emf radiation sensors which stimulate the brain to create our perception of life. Therefore the bible’s prophesy that the evil will be cast into the lake of fire has significance, because once the true reality of life is made apparent we will see nothing but the raw energy of the quark everywhere… and in seeing it in the full emf spectrum I think it would appear as if it were a "lake of fire". Thus we must conclude whether it's life’s illusion, or life’s reality that is the divine gift?

Also I was intrigued to learn that the universe is now known to be flat. Thus, please help me construct this profile in mind’s eye if you will.

·         Since the fundamental property of matter and antimatter is known to annihilate each other when they’re in close proximity

·         and the varying of combinations of quarks and anti-quarks is the sole  basis for the forming of all atomic structures (their varying combinations are the sole fundamental building blocks)

Thus it seems necessary to rewrite creation theory, because it began not with a Big Bang as they say, for there is no air in the void of space to transmit sound. Thus it possibly began as an “energy flare” at a discharge zone along the interface between the void and anti-void expanses (which is the fundamental property of existence). As these two opposing expanses of existence interface (at the flat plane, which our universe accentuates) their natural propensity to annihilate each other creates energy discharge zones, which may have been the origin of our own universe (the Big Bang). Yet this flat plane of interface, sandwiched between the opposing expanses of the void and the anti-void, is infinite, and thus numerous universes may exist, located according to properties defining discharge zone proximities and the powers of polarization of the great voids.

Perhaps the generation of an energy flare at a particular interface zone is in fact a preservation function, which converts the volatile interaction of the universe's opposites --and their propensity to wholly annihilate each other along the entire plane of enmeshment-- into a more diffused form at critical points by introducing lesser enmeshed particulate matter (ie. quarks; due to the inherent particle-ization of the energy discharge flare by nuclear forces). Thus diffusing the concentration of interface polarity at critical points, and permitting cohabitation –-yet requisite occupancy-- of the interface region by these volatile, opposing voids.

And thus from this flat, interface, cohabitation zone, made possible by particulate formation of the raw energy discharge flare, our universe exists.

After all:

Yin and Yang, light and dark, hot and cold... Clearly creation is a combination of opposites: why not the void and anti-void property too, as a basis of primal existence?

You can’t help but wonder sometimes if it’s all just a thinly veiled excuse to exist I guess? But then you gotta admit, it sure is neat to explore, regardless of the stage of personal relationship we've achieved with our heavenly father!

God bless our precious lives, and the simple homage we’ve thus been able to offer in witnessing this amazing experience of existence...

And the very best part of it all (which makes it truly divine) is that the most powerful developmental potentials are actually founded upon moral law!  Holy, holy...