June 30, 2005.

by David Piney 


I've included a few pages of excerpts below from the book "Angels don't play this HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology". It's written by (honorary doctorate holder) Nick Begich and mainstream news reporter Jeane Manning.

Dr. Begich is past president of the Alaska Teachers' Federation, and is the eldest son of Congressman Nick Begich Sr., who went missing along with House Majority Leader Hale Boggs in the early seventies in a suspected plane crash. Details of the project  Hale Boggs was investigating, along with his increasing outspokenness about the JFK assassination cover-up, has convinced conspiracy theorists to suspect the suspicious circumstances surrounding their disappearance among a long list of possible political assassinations.

Dr. Begich Jr. believes the experimental HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) facilities located in Gakona Alaska, 140 miles north of Prince William Sound, is the most reckless and dangerous undertaking the military have ever attempted, rivaling even the Manhattan project in scope and risk. Some of the electro-magnetic frequency (emf) technologies that are planned were first revealed by Tesla in the 1880's and will finally achieve a practical application with HAARP's projected 100 billion watt transmitter effect. That's enough power to give credence to the project's claim that it's a universal weapon which will "revolutionize military affairs".

That's not to say that each of the numerous radio frequency technologies HAARP is developing aren't themselves revolutionary. The profound biological effects of its extremely low frequency (elf), and very low frequency (vlf) waveforms can provide surreptitious control over critical aspects of human physiology from a distance, enabling a whole range of military and law enforcement options, from "psychologically or physiologically modifying or disabling" their targets to "wholly toasting" them. In fact, the effects of micro-tuned, pulsed, emf technologies are now being realized with such significance by experimental practitioners they're speculating a transition from today's pharmaceutical based medical treatments to largely emf therapies in the near future. And thus HAARP's transmitter capacity to surreptitiously affect entire populations must be publicly understood.

This notion harkens to Dr. Delgado's work with emf therapies in the 70’s entitled "Physical Control of the Mind: Towards a Psycho-civilized Society". Therein he justified this ground breaking research at the time with the rationalization that "since war begins in the mind of men, it is in the minds of men that the defense of peace must be constructed". His concept may  sound promising to the uninitiated. But I assure you from practical experience that its victims will dread the horror of these technologies as "absolutely devastating" to their lives. The ultimate in totalitarianism.

This technology alone will revolutionize the way the future of humanity is managed. But the HAARP facility promises so much more.

They intend to saturate portions of the ionosphere with an unprecedented beam-focusing technology, allowing massive emf power transfer with pinpoint accuracy intended to trigger a cascading electrode effect capable of shaping and harnessing the tremendous forces of the earth's magnetosphere itself in order to effect military man's bidding. It's simply the last word in the SDI concept of a "defensive shield". For one thing, they intend to contort the ionosphere into a lens effect in order to achieve their over-the-horizon radar technology, as well as to steer deep earth penetrating Tomography probes in search of enemy bunkers, weapons caches, or even in the pursuit of natural resources. Enemy satellites and aircraft can be scrutinized by such manipulation of the charged particles of the ionosphere in order to determine hostile payloads, which can then be destroyed. As a bonus, this HAARP manipulation of the ionosphere can completely confound enemy communications worldwide, while enhancing its own.  And the HAARP facility is researching many other applications that are outlined in Begich's insightful book, including weather modification by targeting the jet stream, "nonlinear" wireless power transfer, particle beam weapons and other Star Wars systems listed in patents appended below.

Unfortunately though, scientists aren't exactly sure of nature's collateral effects. But in true military fashion, the project's authors are "willing to risk it". Similarly with the Manhattan Project they weren't sure if the first nuclear detonation would start a chain reaction, destroying the earth. Although they believed it was possible at the time, they simply decided to risk it. The question is of course, will their luck hold out? Begich is rightfully concerned with the planned poking of the ionosphere with a hundred billion watts of power. After all, physicists aptly point out that the very forces tying the atmosphere to this planet are about to be used to prod it into a reaction which is not only unprecedented, but imply consequences that are beyond the comprehension of today's scientists. Our sister planet Mars lost its atmosphere somehow along the way. You can't help but wonder if the earth could do the same under this threshold-seeking  prodding?

Unfortunately there's very little information offered about these emerging technologies for public consumption. In fact, Begich even had trouble finding a consulting scientist or technician in the field for his book because apparently they're all employed on related government projects. And secrecy has been their operating mantra since the first conventions were held in the 80's.

I'm personally aware of the absolute horror of the ol' boy (covert) network's use of surreptitious emf technologies against dissent in Canada and thus I've been conducting my own investigation. At first I thought they were surreptitiously drugging me because of the unique and suspicious pattern of symptoms I starkly began to experience -- during a time of unmistakable surveillance and despicable harassment by them -- which became especially pronounced during the week of my presentation to the "Citizen's Assembly on Electoral Reform" in Victoria BC July 2004. (It became obvious to me they didn't want my proposal for a "Contractual Mandate Electoral System" to be adopted because it effectively transfers power from the elite to the electorate, with a simple mechanism to achieve true democracy.) But after I read Mike Ruppert's book "Crossing the Rubicon" in which he notes evidence of their use of emf technology against him and his staff, I researched other sources, which corroborated the profound physiological symptoms I've experienced as synonymous with this new technology. (As well, the unique type of massive headaches that I began getting, for weeks on end, would instantly disappear when I placed a faraday cage (grounded, ferrous metal shield) over my head to protect the pineal gland at the base of the brain -- apparently the most sensitive organ. Associated memory loss and cognitive dysfunction are recognizable aspects of emf attacks on this crucial gland.) In-depth research has been hard to find though. The experimental physiologist, Sandyk, has published extensively about the profound physiological effects he's achieved using pulsed, emf generators on Parkinson's and Multiple Sclerosis patients. And thus alluded to a wide range of debilitating effects that are possible by varying waveform output and intensity. But I was very lucky to find such articles because the EBSCO keyword search I used was unusually specific, and it seemed to me at the time to be designed to foil a general public search. But increasing material is becoming available since my early searches in 2003. Thus I appreciate receiving any information that sympathetic researchers find on this important subject.

I'm convinced the technology is being adopted today as an integral part of the New World Order infrastructure against dissent, in order to control opposition to the massive downsizing we're about to experience as we rapidly enter the end of the conventional oil era. The realization that this powerful technology could be used continent-wide under HAARP's massive emf transmitters is a scary thought indeed, which must be fully understood.

After all, the first target of every looming war is against domestic dissent. And full military might is focused (surreptitiously) against their own people who oppose, or who rally to present alternative options. The archives of the ACLU are replete with similar encounters of people that have been ruthlessly bullied for one reason or another by the state. The Wikipedia article on COINTELPRO outlines the history, and it was because of this CIA-type lawlessness that the RCMP SS was disbanded in disgrace by the Trudeau government in Canada. Yet, I'm fully aware that the covert practice of crushing targets continues with impunity.

I was able to protect myself for a while by using crude countermeasures, but the effect on my functionality was clearly apparent to me. In 2005 they installed a microchip in the distal buccle root of my 1-6 molar. It took Dr. Zhong 4 hours to do an ordinary filling on me at the time, and I believe that he may have pushed the device through the root tip and into the maxillary sinus area, which an xray indicates. The chip permitted them to hit me in a crowd with their new toy, infra-sound, and only my physiology would be affected. Infra-sound devices accomplish the same function as vlf devices but are immune to Faraday cage countermeasures. But I wasn't aware at the time and suffered dearly for years with no defense. http://journal.borderlands.com/1996/the-sonic-weapon-of-vladimir-gavreau/ Fortunately I finally learned to use 32db ear insert plugs, with 28db earmuffs over top when headaches become unbearable. (They instantly disappear with hearing protection, and instantly reappear when protection is removed) But my general functionality is considerable reduced, – memory, thinking, fluency of speech -- and they are able to trigger bowel incontinence with the technology to keep me largely contained from public activism.

Begich's book glimpses the strategies they used to ensure secrecy of the breadth of the HAARP project. They openly displayed its existence, but only the aspects considered benign, which was HAARP's preferred method to minimize unwanted oversight or public intrusion. As well, numerous online red herrings attack the premise of pulsed bioactive emf technologies, as crackpots, implying mental illness as the root source of "such irrational speculation". Or they simple label researchers "conspiracy theory nuts" if they try to present evidence that government surreptitiously attacks domestic dissent with the same zeal as they did foreign communists in the recent past. But these are simplistic (though effective ) diversions. The Sandyk medical journals alone wholly refute such criticism, which a simple Google search will verify.

One thing then becomes crystal clear; with such profound technologies involved, and the unresolvable crisis that the looming end-of-the-conventional-oil-era entails, the public had better buckle down with some serious investigation and concerted action if any form of freedom or human rights are to survive under this lawless Beast of expediency that now rules the New World Order.


I've provided a few pages of excerpts below, covering the key points of Begich's book, "Angels Don't play This Haarp". (These are bare examples though, please read the book --available through inter-library loan.)

page 33

Burnard Eastlund had been hired by ARCO as a consultant, to come up with uses for the
30 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in ARCO'S reserves on the North Slope of Alaska.
ARCO'S problem was the remote location of the gas. Building a pipeline and shunting
the gas to industrial centers was no answer; that pipeline megaproject had been on the
oil industry agenda for more than twenty years without development. snip...

Eventually Eastlund came up with a wild plan - use all that energy to power the biggest
''ionospheric heater'' in the world. The equipment on the ground would beam focused
energy up to the ionosphere, where the beamed radio frequency (RF) waves would
interact powerfully with charged particles that are always trapped there. snip...


page 134
Chapter Twenty-one

"Similar, though less capable, research facilities exist today at many locations
throughout the world and are operated routinely for the purpose of scientific
investigation of the ionosphere. None of these existing systems, however, have the
combination of frequency capability and beam steering agility required to perform the
experiments planned for HAARP.213
The program handlers continued to talk to the public as if this ionospheric
heater were really no different than any others around the world. Yet, while
promoting the project and in internal communications, they couldn't resist talking
about HAARP as the biggest "heater'' in the world - more powerful than anything in
existence. This technology is more than just the level of effective-radiated-power, or
frequency/wave-form variability, or steering capability. The biggest factor is that in
combination with these abilities, the device focuses power in a way which yields
many, many times more delivered power to the ionosphere than anything
on Earth resembling this device.
This device is a jump ahead in technology, beyond anything else. It is a leap
like comparing a squirt gun to an artillery piece, and the effects are, to a great extent,
unknown once the energy is released beyond certain thresholds. Yet, in answer to
Congressional inquiries, citizen complaints and interagency requests for information,
project manager Heckscher. continuously denies that the system is any different from
what he and other previously said was already operating. He delivers this information
in the form of sophisticated word games. The government craft of bureaucratism
reaches new highs with the HAARP promoters. snip...


The issue of power has always been a bit on the confusing side to those trying to
decipher exactly what this device would generate in output power through the antenna
array and what it would take in input power to get there. This issue was finally cleared
up in a letter by John Heckscher where he said, "There is a difference between Atonal
radiated power' and 'effective radiated power'. That difference is antenna gain, which
in HAARP'S case is a factor of nearly 1000 (at 10 MHz).''2I6 What was also new about
this Eastlund invention is that it could focus the huge power levels onto a single point
in the ionosphere. For the first time, the western military establishment could begin
to use the new weapon capabilities [Tesla espoused].
The Soviets had been playing with their ELF and VLF toys for two decades by
the time the HAARP transmitter was built. They had been testing their ideas and
theories for use of radiofrequency in new weapon systems during those years. The
Soviet radio frequency transmitters had been the source of much controversy
throughout the West. Some in the United States and Canada had blamed such things as
weather manipulation, "mind control", radio interference and other unexplainable
atmospheric events on the Soviet transmitters which created what became known as
the "woodpecker'' signal. 217, 218
The sales pitch for HAARP funding fell to the academics at the University of
Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute, and they had a friend in the powerful Senator
from Alaska, Ted Stevens. It is doubtful that Stevens had been fully informed by these
professors', the record indicates that he may have been duped into being their voice in
the halls of Congress. Senator Stevens was quoted in a news article as he defended the
funding of the HAARP program. It appears from the report that the Senator may have
been left with incomplete information by the project promoters.

Harness the Aurora?

In mid-1990 Senator Stevens defended his project in a committee meeting when
he said "1 could tell you about the time when the University of Alaska came to me and
said it might be possible to bring the aurora to Earth. we might be able to harness the
energy in the aurora...'' He went on to say, "No one in the Department of Defense no
one in the Department of Energy no one in the executive branch was interested in
pursuing it at all. Why? Because it did not come from the good ol' boy network. snip....

Senator Stevens went to the floor of the Senate late in the summer of 1990 and
declared, "We have in Alaska what I consider to be one of the most exciting research
projects that l have ever encountered.'' He went on to say, "It is the experiments that
are going on trying to determine if it is possible to harness the energy of the electrodes
for the use of mankind.'' He said the project 'has the potential of using a laser beam to
be a conductor of this energy back to Earth...lt is an experiment that, when l first
heard about it, l thought someone had rewritten a new chapter of Jules Verne.''2l9

page 136

"As the result of a competitive procurement, the Air Force and Navy have
awarded a contract to ARCO Power Technologies (APTI) for the design and
construction of the IRI and associated support facilities.''221 APTI, according to
Eastlund, was set up to do one thing - develop his ideas into marketable technologies.
APTI was not set up as a construction company or an ionospheric research
organization. It was set up to exploit energy in a way which maximized a return to
one of the world's oil giants, ARCO (Atlantic Richfield Company). What Eastlund did was put
ARCO into the Star Wars business until a company more suited to the project could be
located to buy out their interests. That company was E-systems. E-systems' history
and controversy [a CIA front] has been documented by CBS's 60 Minutes as well as by the
Washington Post, and is discussed in this book.
The original bidders on the HAARP project were Penn State University,
Raytheon and APTI.222 The chain of corporate events has been discussed previously.
In June, 1994. APTI was bought out by E-systems, which in April, 1995, was bought
out by Raytheon Corporation. So, in the end, one of the project's losing bidders,
Raytheon -- one of the largest defense contractors in the world -- came to own the
technology and the contract.

Chapter Twenty-two

New technologies have incredible possibilities for improving the human brain
potential. These technologies are being used to improve learning, memory, and for
human behavior modification [mind control]. The high-tech tools of the future are here now, and are
being introduced into the market place. A leading writer in the area of brain
technologies has been Michael Hutchison, who opened this field to lay people.
As Hutchison describes it, the brain operates within a relatively narrow band of
predominate frequencies. The predominate brain wave frequencies indicate the kind of
activity taking place in the brain. There are four basic groups of brain wave
frequencies which are associated with most mental activity. The first, beta waves, ( 13-35
Hertz or pulses per second) are associated with normal activity when a person's
attention is directed outward, toward normal activities. The high end of this range is
associated with stress or agitated states which can impair thinking and reasoning skills.
The second group, alpha waves (8- 12 Hertz), can indicate relaxation. Alpha
frequencies are ideal for learning and focused mental functioning. The third, theta
waves (4-7 Hertz), indicate mental imagery, access to memories and internal mental
focus. This state is often associated with young children, behavioral modification and
sleep/dream states. The last, ultra slow, delta waves (0.5-3 Hertz) are found when a
person is in deep sleep. The general rule is that the brain' s predominate wave
frequency will be lowest, in terms of pulses per second, when relaxed, and highest
when people are most alert or agitated.223
External stimulation of the brain by electromagnetic means can
cause the brain to be entrained or locked into phase with an external
signal generator. Predominate brain waves can be driven or pushed into new
frequency patterns by external stimulation. In other words, the external signal driver
or impulse generator entrains the brain, overriding the normal frequencies causing
changes in the brain waves', which then cause changes in brain chemistry', which then
cause changes in brain outputs in the form of thoughts, emotions or physical condition.
As you are driven, so you arrive - brain manipulation can be either beneficial or
detrimental to the individual being impacted.
In combination with specific wave forms the various frequencies trigger precise
chemical responses in the brain. The release of these neurochemicals cause specific
reactions in the brain which result in feelings of fear, lust, depression, love, etc. A1l
of these, and the full range of emotional/intellectual responses, are caused by very
specific combinations of these brain chemicals which are released by frequency-specific
electrical impulses. "Precise mixtures of these brain juices can produce
extraordinarily specific mental states, such as fear of the dark, or intense


concentration.''224 The work in this area is advancing at a very rapid rate with new
discoveries being made regularly. Unlocking the knowledge of these specific
frequencies will yield significant breakthroughs in understanding human health. Radio
frequency radiation, acting as a carrier for extremely low frequencies (ELF), can be
used to tirelessly entrain brain waves. This is what HAARP could do in certain of its
applications', however, the side effects of this on humans are not explored in the
HAARP records but do appear in other government documents referred to in this
Mr. Light, a researcher and owner of Biomedical Instruments, lnc., an
organization which markets electromedical devices used to control or manipulate brain
activity, was quoted extensively in Hutchison's book.225 The power levels to achieve a
measure of control of brain activity is very small -- from 5 to 200 milliamperes -which
is thousands of times less than the power to run a 60 watt light bulb. We are
talking about very, very low power requirements [> earth's magnetic field]. The trick for influencing brain
activity is in the combination of frequency, power level and wave form. What has
taken place over the last two decades, and most particularly in the last several years,
represent huge moves forward.
Research internationally found that the brain can be easily entrained or can be
influenced to change states by external electromagnetic fields. These discoveries have
provided new tools for both scientists and lay people. The new tools include electrical
cranial stimulation devices, sound systems, light pulse systems and a large variety of
other brain entrainment and feedback devices. Technological advances also have been
applied to special monitoring and control devices which allow people to learn how to
control and manipulate their own brain activity for beneficial results. Reports include
relaxation, pain control, speed learning and memory improvements, among others.226,
227, 228
The most recent work of Hutchison has yielded the finest descriptions of mind
technologies yet put together. His latest book, Mega Brain Power, updates readers in
an area which is changing so rapidly that the science is being formed faster than the
applications can be fully recognized. As a result, he has for some years published the
latest research in a newsletter. Recent issues229 discussed technologies for healing
nervous system disorders, correcting attention deficit and hyperactive disorders in
children and curing drug and alcohol dependencies among other things.
Electromedicine of this type is emerging as one of the most exciting areas of medical
The research in recent years has extended to medical and psychological

page 139

applications with startling positive results. Some of these results have been recognized
by the United States Air Force, as you will see in the following chapter.
Unfortunately, military research continues to look at these technologies as weapon
systems rather than as human potential enhancing tools.
One of America's most gifted inventors, Dr. Patrick Flanagan, predicted in
1962 that medicine would change. He said, "I believe some day the entire concept of
medical practice will be changed by electronics. People will be treated electronically
rather than with medicine."230 At that time, Dr. Flanagan had just been recognized for
inventing what likely remains the most advanced brain entrainment device, and
possibly human-to-computer interface too, on the planet, the Neurophone.
As Flanagan noted in a recent interview is that the HAARP project could be is
not only the biggest "ionospheric heater'' in the world, but also the biggest brain entrainment
device ever conceived. According to HAARP records, when the device is
built to full power it can send VLF and ELF waves using many wave forms at energy
levels sufficient to affect entire regional populations.
The HAARP planners have never discussed any of this research, although the
Air Force and Navy have been working in these areas since the early l960's. Using the
concept of ''compartmentalization'' and ''need-to-know'', discussed earlier in this book,
it is highly likely that most of those, if not all of those, involved in building and
operating the HAARP project at this early stage are unaware of these possible
Dr. Robert 0. Becker experimented in the early 1960's with ELF (Extremely
Low Frequencies) by putting the signal on top of a DC current to carry the ELF
signal. In other words, ELF rode like the passenger on a bus, maintaining its own
integrity but being carried to its specific destination. Dr. Becker tested this concept by
using an ELF, 1- 10 Hertz (cycles or pulses per second) signal on humans resulting in
an increased loss of consciousness among test subjects. The weak ELF alone had no
effect, and the DC current had a significantly reduced effect without the combination.
Above 10 Hertz with DC current, the effect increasingly declined until it was no better
than with DC current alone.231 l What this demonstrated was that ELF, those
frequencies which most effect human brain functions, could be manipulated externally
with profound results.
Flanagan's Brain Tool
In 1958 when Dr. Patrick Flanagan was 14 years old. he invented the
Neurophone, which won him world recognition as one of the brightest inventors of
our time. The Neurophone device can convert sound (like words and music) into
electrical impulses which can be transferred through any point on the body directly
into the brain, bypassing the ear and associated hearing mechanisms entirely.

page 144

 Dr. Delgado found that by changing the frequency and waveform on an experimental
subject he could completely change their thinking and emotional state.
Dr. Delgado's work set the foundation for many other researchers, while at the
same time opening the possibilities of misuse by the government. snip...
In a book about the Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) pursuit of mind control
technology, Dr. Delgado's work is also discussed.236 Dr. Delgado's research was
reviewed in 1969 by Dr. Gottlieb, who worked for the CIA's Office of Research and
Development (OR) while looking for the possible uses of this technology. At that
time, the work was still crude, although the CIA shared Dr. Delgado's vision for
techniques which would allow for a "psychocivilized society''.
During this period, a neurosurgeon at Tulane University: Dr. Robert G. Heath,
brought this prospect closer to reality with his work in electrical stimulation of the
brain. As one author recently put it, "Like Dr. Delgado, the neurosurgeon concluded
that ESB (Electrical Stimulation of the Brain) could evoke hallucinations as well as
fear and pleasure. It could literally manipulate the human will at wil1.''237
The ClA's interest in mind control began with the Korean War, during which
the North Koreans demonstrated skills in the area of mind control not previously seen
in the West. The CIA undertook a significant research effort into this area which
extended to numerous related fiascos. Some of these were uncovered in subsequent
scandalous revelations which included Canadian citizens being mentally manipulated
without consent treating of thousands of university students and military personnel
with LSD, etc.238 .
To the CIA, Dr. Delgado's "wireless'' effects were thought-provoking. He
discovered that animals could be placed within an electromagnetic field (EMF) and be
manipulated without any physical contact. Moreover, "the fields Delgado uses are as
low as one fiftieth the strength of the Earth's own magnetic fields...yet when the signal
is tuned to precise frequencies Delgado can do much more than make a monkey
s1eepy.''239 These technologies are increasingly being recognized by other researchers,
and the data base has reached a level of certainly not understood as little as ten years

page 145

Today, a number of tools for brain entrainment are even being marketed. Very
sophisticated brain biofeedback devices have also been developed which are being used
to teach individuals to alter their own brain activity to more desirable states. These
devices are being used to help people with various mental dysfunctions, and others
reach higher peak performance mental states. These devices can be likened to mental
gym equipment designed to create individually controlled exercise programs for the
brain, with the outcome being increased mental functioning.
It should be kept in mind that John Heckscher, HAARP program manager, made
clear in an interview that the frequencies and energies used in HAARP were
controllable and in some applications would be pulsed in the 1-20 Hertz range. The
ranges of frequency and energy levels, he also stated, were small, but distinguishable
from the Earth's own pulsations.24o This point was further amplified by Heckscher
when he said, "The ELF-VLF waves to be generated by HAARP through interaction
with the polar electrodes will have power levels so small compared with the existing
background that special integrating receivers will have to be used to detect them.''24l
The issue is one of controlled coherent signals, which as we stated above can be
one fiftieth the energy level of the Earth's natural fiends and still have profound effects
on brain activity. The HAARP system creates a huge coherent controllable
electromagnetic field which could be compared to a Delgado EMF, except HAARP'S
doesn't fill a room, it potentially fills a region the size of a large western state and,
possibly, a hemisphere. Basically, the HAARP transmitter in this application will emit
energy of the same level as the Earth's which is 50 times more than was needed in the
wireless experiments of Dr. Delgado. What this means is that if HAARP is tuned to the
right frequency, using just the right wave forms, mental disruption throughout a
region could occur intentionally or as a side effect of the radio frequency

page 150

Military officials objected that such a "new initiative'' announcement might have
the effect of spurring other governments and possible adversaries to develop their own
new systems and that it might cause policy makers to begin "political meddling'' into
this militarily promising area. These military objections drove the program into even
more layers of secrecy, and Janet Morris and Ray Cline were cut out of the inner
circle. The policy makers then decreed that the nonlethal technologies would be
referred to in softer terms as "disabling systems'' in the future.261
The new technology race was already on, and it appeared America's
"adversaries'' may have already made significant advances in the development of new
weapon systems. The limits for microwaves were set in the United States 1,000 times
higher than the level considered safe in the former Soviet Union. The reason that the
Soviets set their safety standard as high as they did was because they detected
biological effects at levels ignored by the West.262,263 The Russians abandoned the
thermal model that the U.S. Military ascribed to when setting American standards in
the1950's (standards were subsequently adopted by civilian regulators).
The thermal model only acknowledges heating effects as potentially debilitating,
and disregards the lower level radiations which also have significant effects when
interacting with the fields of living things. The Soviets showed that electromagnetic
fields, well within the U.S. "safety'' standards could disrupt heart rhythms, blood
pressure and metabolism. In addition, Soviet scientist A.S. Presman said these fields
can produce "visual, acoustic, and tactile sensations in man as well as emotional states
in animals, (inducing everything) from suppressed states similar to narcosis to excited
states reaching epilepsy.''264 Presman went on to discuss the pronounced negative
impact on creatures, from the embryonic stage up to the beginning of sexual maturity.
The idea that genetic alteration could be caused by low-level electromagnetic fields
causing deformation, death or other debilitating effects was the problem. The lack of
mainstream medical understanding, beyond that found in leading edge research
facilities, was the underlying barrier to recognizing the risks. What all of this means
is that real damage to living things, including people, is likely being done by use of
transmitters like HAARP. While on the other hand, if we gained a better
understanding of these non-thermal levels of energy positive applications could be
more widely used.
The Beam Team
From the 1960's through the 1970's, there were news and intelligence reports of
microwave beams being directed at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. There are some
indications that beaming of the Embassy was also conducted as late as 1983. This
beaming has been the subject of much speculation over the years. snip...

page 151

While government representatives have maintained that there were no ill affects
from the [surreptitious Soviet] microwaves, the results of the embassy personnel testing and [Operation]                 Pandora remain classified.268 Even though the impact of Russian microwave radiation is unclear, it
turns out that there may very well have been some effect. When Dr. Gottlieb, the
MKULTRA program director for the CIA, testified to the United States Congress, he
said that when President Nixon went to the USSR in 197 l members of his party
showed abnormal behavior including crying and depression. The spy community
already knew that the Soviets had developed microwave beaming technologies which
can affect mind, memory and health. Soviet research had already shown that it was
also possible to create hallucinations and significant perceptual changes in people.269
The ClA's use of mind altering technologies is not new. Under MKULTRA, the
CIA conducted memory experiments on thousands of unknowing people across the
United States in l 80 hospitals, research centers and prisons. The CIA used LSD and
other drugs, brainwashing, sensory deprivation, hypnosis and many other mind
control techniques until 1976 when the United States Senate investigated these
practices.270, 271, 272 It appears the names of the programs and their approaches
changed but the programs may have continued beyond 1976. 273
Meanwhile the Soviets had moved way ahead of the United States in their
development of mind war technologies. They had perfected a device called the Lida
which produced an Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) pulsing field. Lida was used to
put prisoners of war into trance, so that secrets could be extracted from them more
readily. As mentioned earlier, this device was tested by Dr. Ross Adey in the United
States at the Loma Linda VA Hospital. The Soviets went on to discover that by slight
manipulation by reversing brain polarity (by passing very low voltage current
through the front of the brain to the back) - they could induce deep sleep. snip...

page 70

As far back as 1958, the chief White House advisor on weather modification,
Captain Howard T. Orville, said the U.S. DOD was studying ''ways to manipulate the
charges of the earth and sky and so affect the weather'' by using an electronic beam to
ionize or de-ionize the atmosphere over a given area. 91
In 1966, Professor Gordon J. F. MacDonald was associate director of the
Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics at the University of California, Los
Angeles, was a member of the President's Science Advisory Committee, and later a
member of the President's Council on Environmental Quality. He published papers on
the use of environmental control technologies for military purposes. MacDonald made
a revealing comment: ''The key to geophysical warfare is the identification of environmental
instabilities to which the addition of a small amount of energy would release vastly greater amounts of energy.

MacDonald had a number of ideas for using the environment as a weapon
system and he contributed to what was, at the time, the dream of a futurist. When he
wrote his chapter, ''How To Wreck The Environment'', for the book "Unless Peace
Comes"93, he was not kidding around. In the text he describes the use of weather
manipulation, climate modification, polar ice cap melting or destabilization. ozone
depletion techniques, earthquake engineering, ocean wave control and brain wave
manipulation utilizing the planet's energy fields. He also said that these types of
weapons would be developed and, when used, would be virtually undetectable by their
victims. He was not some wire haired fanatic when he made these observations in
I966 - he had the credentials of a world recognized scientist. What his futuristic
concepts became, are the things which projects like HAARP are made of...

page 100
Chapter Fifteen

APTI held twelve patents, all of which were linked to Star War
systems. APTI was the main contractor on the first phase of the HAARP project.
These patents represented technologies which were inconsistent with the normal
activities of ARCO, the parent organization of APTI. In ARCO'S 1994 annual report.
no mention of APTI or the HAARP contract was found. Apparently ARCO was not in
the kind of technology and military construction contracting business suggested by this
technology. APTI was an anomalous subsidiary of ARCO, with ARCO having no real
expertise, outside of APTI, for developing these kinds of patents.
This writer believes that ARCO did not want to be involved in the defense
industry development of these patents. After all, they were just looking for a market
for natural gas. Gas on the North Slope of Alaska was the issue for ARCO. The cost of
a pipeline and related facilities needed to move the gas to southern Alaska was
estimated at more than $20 billion, pricing the gas out of the market. So APTI
acquired the twelve patents and a potentially lucrative market.


1886-8; Nikola Tesla invents system of Alternating Current (AC) power source and
transmission system. As (60-pulse-per-second (Hertz) AC power grids spread over the
land, Mom Earth will eventually dance to a different beat than her usual 7-8 Hertz
1900: Tesla applies for patent on a device to "Transmit Electrical Energy Through
the Natural Mediums''
1905: U.S. Patent #787,412 issued for above.
1924: Confirmation that radio waves bounce off ionosphere 1 (electrically charged
layer starting at altitude of 50 kilometers).
193 8 : Scientist proposes to light up night sky by electron gyration heating from a
powerful transmitter.
1940: Tesla announces "death ray'' invention.
1945: Atomic bomb tests begin -- 40,000 electromagnetic pulses to follow.
1952: W.O. Schumann identifies 7.83 Hertz resonant frequency of the earth.
1958: Van Allen radiation belts discovered (zones of charged particles trapped in
earth' s magnetic field) 2,000+ giles up. Violently disrupted in the same year.
1958: Project Argus, U.S. Navy explodes three nuclear bombs in Van Allen belt.
1958: White House advisor on weather modification says Defense Department
studying ways to manipulate charges "of earth and sky, and so affect the weather".
1960: Series of weather disasters begin.2
1961?: Copper needles dumped into ionosphere as "telecommunications shield''.3
1961: Scientists propose artificial ion cloud experiments. In 1960's the dumping of .
chemicals (barium powder etc.) from satellites/rockets began. 4
1961-62: U.S.S.R. and U.S.A. create many electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) in the
atmosphere; 300 megatons of nuclear devices deplete ozone layer by about 4%.5
1962: Launch of Canadian satellites & start of stimulating plasma resonances by
antennas within the space plasma.6
1966: Gordon J. F. MacDonald publishes military ideas on environmental
1960's: In Wisconsin, US Navy Project Sanguine lays extremely low frequency
(ELF) antennae.
1968: Moscow scientists tell the West that they have pinpointed which pulsed
magnetic field frequencies help mental and physiological functions and which
frequencies do harm.8
1972: First reports on "ionospheric heater'' experiments with high frequency radio
waves, at Arecibo.9 A 100 megawatt heater in Norway built later in decade can
change conductivity of auroral ionosphere.10
1973: Documentation that launch of Skylab "halved the total electron content of the
ionosphere for three hours'' (by rocket exhaust gases). l 1,12
1973: Recommendations for study of Project Sanguine's biological effects denied by
1974: United Nations General Assembly bans environmental warfare.
1974: High frequency experiments at Plattesville, Colorado', Arecibo, Puerto Rico',
and, Armidale, New South Wales heat ''bottom side of ionosphere''.14
1974: Experiments -- airglow brightened by hitting oxygen atoms in ionosphere
with accelerated electrons.
1975 : Stanford professor Robert Helliwell reports that very low frequency (VLF)
from power lines is altering the ionosphere. 15
1975: U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson forces Navy to release research showing that
extremely low frequency (ELF) transmissions can alter human blood chemistry.l6
1975: Pell Senate Subcommittee urges that weather and climate modification work
be overseen by civilian agency answerable to U.S. Congress. Didn't happen.
1975: Soviets begin pulsing "Woodpecker'' extremely low frequency (ELF) waves, at
key braincase rhythms. 17 Eugene, Oregon, one of locations where people were
particularly affected.
1976: Drs. Susan Bawin & W. Ross Adey show nerve cells affected by ELF fields.18
1979: Launch of NASA'S third High-Energy Astrophysical Observatory causes large
scale, artificially induced depletion in the ionosphere. Plasma hole caused by "rapid
chemical processes'' between rocket exhaust and ozone layer.'' 19 'Ionosphere was
significantly depleted over a horizontal distance of 300 km for some hours.''
1985: Bernard J. Eastlund applies for patent "Method and Apparatus for Altering a
Region in the Earth' s Atmosphere, Ionosphere and/or Magnetosphere," (First of three
Eastlund patents assigned to ARCO Power Technologies 1nc.)
1986: U.S. Navy Project Henhouse duplicates Delgado (Madrid) experiment -- very
low level, very low frequency pulsed magnetic fiends harm chick embryos. 20
1980's: In the later part of the decade the U.S. begins network of Ground Wave
Emergency Network (GWEN) towers, each to generate Very Low Frequency (VLF)
waves for defense purposes .
1987-92: Other Arco Power Technologies Incorporated (APTI) scientists build on
Eastlund patents for development of new weapon capabilities.
1994-: Military contractor E-systems buys APTI, holder of Eastlund patents and
contract to build biggest ionospheric heater in world High-frequency Active Auroral
Research Project (HAARP).
1994: Congress freezes funding on HAARP until planners increase
penetrating tomography uses, for nuclear counterproliferation efforts.
1995: Raytheon buys E-systems and old APTI patents. The technology is now
hidden among thousands of patents within one of the largest defense contractor
1995: Congress budgets $10 million for 1996 under ''nuclear counterproliferation''
efforts for HAARP project.
1995: HAARP planners to test patent number 5,041,834 in September.
1994-6: Testing of first stage HAARP equipment continues, although funding was
1996: HAARP planners to test the earth penetrating tomography applications by
modulating the electronics at ELF frequencies.
1998: Projected date for fully operating HAARP system.
emphasis on earth.

The founding HAARP patents, originally held by APTI, are described below.

(Since purchased by E-Systems [CIA] then finally by Raytheon).

United States Patent Number 4,686,605
Issued: August l l , 1987
Invented by: Bernard J. Eastlund
Titled: "Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth's
Atmosphere, Ionosphere, and/or Magnetosphere''.

United States Patent Number 5,038,664
Issued: August l3l , 1991
Invented by: Bernard J. Eastlund
Titled: "Method for producing a shell of relativistic particles at an altitude above the earth's surface''.

United States Patent Number 4,712,155
Issued: Dec 8, 1987
Invented by: Bernard J. Eastlund
Titled: "Method and apparatus for creating an artificial electron cyclotron heating region of plasma''.

United States Patent Number 5,068,669
Issued: Nov 26, 1991
Invented by: Bernard J. Eastlund
Titled: "Power beaming system''.

United States Patent Number 5,218,374
Issued: Jun 8, 1993
Invented by: Bernard J. Eastlund
Titled: "Power beaming system with printed circuit radiating elements having resonating cavities''.

United States Patent Number 5,293,176
Issued: March 8, 1994
Invented by: Bernard J. Eastlund
Titled: "Folded cross grid dipole antenna element''.

United States Patent Number 5,202,689
Issued: April 13, 1993
Invented by: Bernard J. Eastlund
Titled: "Lightweight focusing refractor for space''.

United States Patent Number 5,041,834
Issued: August 20, 1991
Invented by: Bernard J. Eastlund
Titled: "Artificial ionospheric mirror composed of a plasma layer which can be tilted''.

United States Patent Number 4,999,637
Issued: March 12, 1991
Invented by: Bernard J. Eastlund
Titled: "Creation of artificial ionization clouds above the earth".

United States Patent Number 4,954,709
Issued: September 4, 1999
Invented by: Bernard J. Eastlund
Titled: "High resolution directional gamma ray detector''.

United States Patent Number 4,817,495
Issued: April 4, 1989
Invented by: Bernard J. Eastlund
Titled: "Defense system for discriminating between objects in space''.

United States Patent Number 4,873,928
Issued: Oct 17, 1989
Invented by: Bernard J. Eastlund
Titled: "Nuclear sized explosions without radiation''.


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