Canadian Censorship and Privatization -- a neoCon exit strategy from government constitutional responsibility.

by David Piney

(written May 9, 2003, since edited)

My experience volunteering to sell literature for Global Outlook Magazine may have glimpsed how the subtle censorship of educational reading material is achieved in Canada.

As you probably know, Professor Michel Chossudovsky, in collaboration with many notable colleagues, has written extensively on unveiling New World Order lawlessness. He's authored a number of books and a quarterly magazine, Global Outlook (before establishing the website), that probed the rise of the neo con agenda that brought the Reagan, Bush and Blair era to power.

Even though the books have been well received by academia in Victoria BC -- and in fact Camosun College ordered staff introductory copies from me to review as curriculum adjunct, and the University of Victoria requested copies for their campus book store -- yet the material is being kept unavailable to them through the central purchasing protocol that the institutions have established.

Through administrative agreement, post secondary institutions (I assume throughout BC) must order publication purchases through Pacific Periodicals. This policy was apparently constructed to reduce the workload of administrators having to deal with multiple suppliers. Pacific Periodicals is thus supposed to provide the full line of reading materials available in the marketplace with the convenience of a one-stop supplier. I was directed by staff to simply inform them where our publications could be obtained. But when I contacted the “book purchase” division at Pacific Periodicals, Jennifer Smith, and explained the publications Global Outlook had available, and the so far unfilled purchase orders requested by Doug M'Curdy at Camosun College for curriculum material, she told me that it simply wasn't worthwhile for them to order a single-title book line.

The magazine division of Pacific Periodicals, Val Bhualtor's desk, never even bothered to return the numerous messages I left her (for months on end) to place Global Outlook on the available publications list so that the University of Victoria bookstore could fill its orders. This company carries literally thousands of publications, and their retail bookstores often sell only a few copies of various brands monthly. I'm certain the typical sales profile of the stock they carry is no different than Global Outlook's would have been. Yet they wouldn't carry the product line, nor explain why not.

Whether this is a premeditated obstruction effort by management or a systemic flaw I can only guess. But it does in fact, weigh against real-life scrutiny of New World Order events in the classrooms of the institutions that I visited -- in spite of direct staff requests for purchase of the material. I was shocked by the implication. Yet, the neo con agenda clearly reveals the integral role the private sector is meant to play in providing New World Order governments an escape from their constitutional commitments. In my eyes it was plainly evident here, as I suspect it is in many circumstances once you know where to look.

I found the same kind of controls in many retail stores refusing the Global Outlook publications. Supermarkets and bookstores all require central approval of the product line, and their decisions are not appealable under any "fair treatment" course-of-action that I could find. The net effect of course, seemed to exert strict arbitrary control over who is allowed to communicate with the public through this medium: a shocking premise to me.

In fact, I became aware of a subtle blind loyalty to preserving status quo in most of the decision makers that I approached, and thus professor Chossudovsky's insightful but critical work simply wasn't welcome.

Soon after, I was downtown Victoria passing out fliers to the general public. ( The flier contained excerpts from George Radwanski, -- former editor in chief of the Toronto Star -- then Privacy Commissioner of Canada, warning in the strongest of terms about the impending loss of Canadian freedoms.

A couple of huge guys approached me -- that I became convinced were plainclothes cops for a number of reasons, but especially the way they profoundly reacted to our discussion about CIA drug dealing, admitted by the US Inspector General – and they suspiciously began questioned me about what I was doing. The ensuing conversation revolved around the social cause of human predation, and I expressed my conviction that the coercive enforcement system, and the punitive justice system generally, was an integral part of the problem and not the solution. I said that anyone that tries to hurt another human has something seriously wrong with their head, and they should be looked at by society as a mental patient and not glorified as macho. So too for police coercion tactics.

The next day as I was benignly passing out fliers again, a 25yr old square-built came on-to-me about the way I presented him with a flier. He aggressively ranted that there was something wrong with his head and that he just felt he had to hurt somebody today. He said that I offended him by pushing a flier into his face (untrue) and he was having trouble controlling himself. He raved on for a while, but fortunately wasn't fully rabid, so he finally calmed down. But the message was plain: status quo wants no criticism, neither from the former Privacy Commissioner of Canada (now removed from office under a mindless pretence) nor from concerned citizens passing out his text.

Thus I thought it worthy to note these few examples -- from a myriad of related experiences -- for posterity's sake. For Canada's Just Society is going to need lots more public effort, and lots of luck as well, to even survive under the neo con's New World Order agenda I'm afraid.

God bless the cause.