Bioenergetic technologies: surreptitious physiological assault against dissent in Canada.

by David Piney

What are the consequences nowadays from Canada empowering a police/ military nexus domestically with the right to break the law at their discretion?

This ominous and far reaching legislation was Canada's official response to 911, and was no-doubt pressured by US demand. The fact that the Minister of German Intelligence, Andreas von Buelow, revealed that 911 was an inside job, publicly documented in his book ” The CIA &September 11”, was obviously ignored by the Canadian government. Thus Chretien obediently passed bill C-24, An Act to Amend the Criminal Code of Canada, that permitted police to break the law at their discretion. In effect, this inexcusable blunder dissolved Trudeau's constitutional Just Society principles in real terms, as well as neutering such profound historic tenets as the “rule of law” ethic (the right of anyone to be considered innocent of a crime until proven guilty in a fair public hearing).

As the Minister of Justice under Pearson's fledgling progressive forces, Trudeau was well aware of the raw expediency abuses that the paramilitary forces in Canada were inclined to perpetrate against the public. And that's what Canada's great Charter of Rights was largely constructed to correct: police systemic abuse. The disbanding of the RCMP SS in disgrace was a significant shake-up of the seemingly omnipotent ol' boy network by Trudeau at the time. And even though JFK promised to do the same to the CIA (the RCMP SS counterpart) during his presidency – “to break them into a million pieces” in fact -- it was President Carter that finally led the way when he fired 800 of the CIA most notorious. (It's said that as a direct result they pooled resources, gathered Reagan as spokesman, along with neo con financial support, and led the charge toward a New World Order (to restore ol' boy omnipotence perhaps)).

Thus in the wake of 911, Canada was convinced by the Bush White House to sign the Deep Integration agreement of 2005 at Waco Texas. There Bush, Fox and Martin formally agreed to fully integrate the police and military forces of the US,Mexico and Canada according to the US model (where they've used covert militias such as the KKK and Black Legion vigilantees for extra-judicial public control throughout history). And as a result of Waco many federal government functions, such as Canadian border defense, and domestic crowd control, for examples, now involve NorthCom oversight – a division of the US military.

Apparently the New World Order agenda has been to subdue, weaken and displace the progressive movement in the West. And it's easy to see the hand of the RCMP in the overthrow of the NDP Glen Clark government of BC for example. The Campbell government, that was brought to power as a direct result, wasted no time in paying its dues. A massive privatization sell-off of BC public assets began, to the primary benefit of the transnational elite. And most of the welfare rolls in BC were simply dumped, with cruel and tragic consequences. Paul Martin blamed RCMP shenanigans in his downfall too, cited in his biography “Come Hell or High Water”. He says that inaccurate and unwarranted public disclosure by the RCMP of Income Trust allegations directly led to his demise, and was politically motivated.

It's no surprise that Harper has been the poster boy in Canada for the New World Order since his rise. The mainstream media support he's enjoyed beguiled Canadians, and provided him a majority government. And now in power the gloves will come off and the true nature of neo-con social conservatism will become known to the observant.

I'm personally aware of the absolute horror of the ol' boy covert network they've crafted, and their insane use of surreptitious bioenergetic technologies against dissent in Canada. And thus I've been conducting my own investigation. At first I thought they were surreptitiously drugging me because of the suspicious symptoms I began to experience -- during a time of unmistakable surveillance and harassment by them -- which became especially pronounced during the week of my presentation to the "Citizen's Assembly on Electoral Reform" in 2004. They obviously didn't want my Contractual Mandate Electoral System to be adopted, because it effectively transfers power from the ruling elite to the electorate with a simple mechanism to ensure true democracy.

But after I read Mike Ruppert's book "Crossing the Rubicon" in which he notes evidence of the use of microwave-type emf weapons against him and his staff, I began to research other sources, which corroborated the profound symptoms I've experienced as synonymous with this new technology. As well, the unique type of massive headaches that began to plague me, for weeks on end, would instantly disappear when I placed a Faraday cage (grounded, ferrous metal shield) over my head to protect the pineal gland at the base of the brain -- apparently the most sensitive organ. Associated memory loss and general cognitive dysfunction are recognizable aspects of emf attacks on this crucial gland.

In-depth research has been hard to find though. The experimental physiologist, Sandyk, has published extensively about the profound physiological effects he's achieved using pulsed, emf technology to successfully treat Parkinson and Multiple Sclerosis patients. The information alluded to a wide range of debilitating physiological effects that are also possible by varying waveform output and intensity. But I was very lucky to find such articles because the EBSCO keyword search I used was unusually specific, and it seemed to me at the time to be designed to foil a general public search. Thus I appreciate receiving any information that knowledgeable researchers find on this important subject.

As we enter the massive downsizing and calamitous events defining the end of the conventional oil era that humanity now faces, this New World Order toolbox of non lethal weapons will become ever more widely used for population control. The realization that this insane technology could be used continent-wide under the HAARP massive emf transmitter array in Alaska is a scary thought indeed, which must be publicly understood.

In my case it was clear how they were able to effectively target me, even in a crowd, with debilitating headaches, bowel incontinence and even stark cognitive dysfunction. It took a dentist over 4 hours to do a simple filling on one of my premolar teeth (1-6) in 2005. And soon after my ears began plugging up after extensive talking. Inflammation of the maxillary sinus is a known cause of this condition, which is located directly above the 1-6 tooth. When I requested my dental records for explanation of the lengthy procedure, I was told by staff they had mysteriously disappeared. And when the proprietor of the dental practice learned what had happened, he said it was “no wonder they had disappeared”. I have good reason to believe the dentist drilled right through the distal buccal root of 1-6 at the time (which is now fully calcified) and threaded an electronic chip into my maxillary sinus. This chip transforms the frequency of a benign broadcasted energy field (either infrasound or emf) within my body that then only affects my physiological function.

Their infra-sound weapons produce similar effects to emf but can not be shielded by a Faraday cage. Fortunately I get instant protection from severe headaches by 32db earplug inserts, covered with 28db earmuff protectors. (If you plug your ears by inserting your fingers tightly, headaches caused by infrasound will immediately disappear). But they are still able to control my public outreach effort through causing me infra-sound generated bowel incontinence. (termed "the Brown note"). It's simply too uncomfortable to wear ear plugs 24 hrs a day, so I only put them on when sleeping or to stop headaches. (The use of headaches to interput crucial rem sleep is their favorite tactic because of the damage inflicted.)

I should also mention, though off topic, the coverts have a long history of black ops and intimidation against me -- even before they began using these emf generators -- reaching back to the mid 80's as I began to get politically active -- through the realization that crime and the cultivation of the human predator could be effectively solved with simple political will according to conventional psychology. And the resulting police reform formula I developed at the time could effectively lead to solution.

As a result, over ninety percent of strangers that befriended me in conversation during this era revealed they knew more about me than as total strangers they should. This included hundreds of girls, almost daily encounters, unnaturally intent on pickup. And in my increasing social withdrawal from the massiveness and the repugnance of the Judas Iscariotness of it all -- and thus my refusal to even glimpse their obvious "bait" -- they began inundating my once precious life with aggressive homosexuals in knee jerk response. These past twenty years of day-by-day horror that I've suffered from these power-drunk low-life is unimaginable to most Canadians, who couldn't understand the grotesqueness of this Beast's methodology, and their stark absence of simple moral values.

My intense research and continued outspokenness about their despicable practices was probably the source of a setup they led me into in the early 90's before the emf technology was adopted as their preferred method of surreptitious coercion. They stranded me at what turned out to be a covert and his wife's house for the night. Before I went to bed he presented me with a photocopy and said "someone wanted you to have this." The paper proclaimed; "Beware of the toes you step on today, for they may be connected to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow." I thought little of it at the time, until I rolled into the sleeping bag that they provided, which was infested with a mutant form of Demodex Folliculorum.

The normal version of his microscopic arachnid-type parasite lives undetected in the hair follicles of most people and is generally harmless. But this mutated Australian variety is irritating, voracious and produces painful bites. And this species is extraordinarily resilient against most treatments too.

According to an old medical book I found in the basement library of a local hospital, the early missionaries of Australia tried in vain for years to treat the aborigines who were afflicted with this painful parasite. Their best treatment at the time was kerosene, but as I was to learn, it's not that effective, and I washed myself with the stuff for months trying to rid these tormenting creatures.

I eventually developed a formula of a few drops of formaldehyde in a couple of tablespoons of skin lotion, dabbed sparingly on bites as they occur (to minimize your body exposure). They bite mostly at night, so it takes a few weeks to get them all, but by drying your frequently laundered bedding and clothes in a hot drier (almost too hot to touch) these creatures can be removed.

The carcinogenic danger of formaldehyde is significant though, but the torture of these parasites was too much for me to bear and so I risked the consequences of this effective home remedy. The doctors didn't believe me when I went to them -- I suppose because they'd never seen these creatures in their practice before (or else they were complicit) -- and they arrogantly refused to do a microscopic analysis of infested bedding that I brought them. (All I really had to do was to shake their hand of course, and they'd soon learn. But I certainly didn't want anyone else suffering like I had -- and I'd well learned the hard way not to really trust their help anyway.)

In the meantime the medical book, with clear proof, had mysteriously disappeared from the library. So the bottom line was, I was on my own to either find a cure or to run to the coverts for help. I thank God for mercy in helping me to find the answer. I was grateful to learn that 95% ethyl alcohol works best, soaking infected hands and feet for 5 min. in a plastic bag, form fitted with a snug sock pulled overtop. I cover my matress with a 1 mil poly dropsheet, and the pillows with extra-large garbage bags (loosely tied to allow air deflation). Then put the cotton sheets and pillow-slips overtop. I splash a bit on my pillow when going to bed at night to soak parts of my face, a bit at a time, (using your hand to seal breathing away from the alchohol fumes is effective once mastered). I soak my hair and scalp when needed by pouring backwards from my forehead (craning my neck straight up) then tie a grocery bag around my scalp to keep the alchohol from evaporating for the 5 min required. And I can simply splash it on generally if bites occur through the night, since it evaporates immediately the bedding and nightclothes stay comfortable and sanitary. I then microwave all cotton bedding in the morning, (and cotton towels and clothes before and after every use, my 1200 watt microwave @30 sec -- you should adjust for your power varience accordingly. Experimentally include a small vented plastic bottle of water and reduce time for really dry cotton or non cotton fabrics so they don't scorch). The coverts have managed to re-infest me numerous times, but now that I know about ethyl alcohol and microwaving (and we vigilantly guard the house nowadays) I've been finally freed of the pests. Thank God.

And just think, all this is just an ordinary “day in the life” while wrestling with the lawless New World Order Beast that's been thrust upon us. They're determined to tear down our Just Society model, that they oppose as unduly restrictive to them because it forces exemplary social leadership obligations upon all visible representatives of society: the essence of Christianity. For the only true solution to crime and human predation generally is to engendered an intrinsic concern for the well being of others in every human soul. They may think their raw expediency model works better at jailing crooks, but the resulting standards of behavior they set as the cultural norm are too problematic for public adoption, which inevitably occurs. So instead of solving crime they're actually propagating its cultural continuation.

So don't give in folks. It's crucial to defend and resurrect the exemplary Just Society model they've tried to tear down. We owe it to posterity and to the moral dimension of creation.

All the best.

david piney

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